Nina Hartley of Adult Performers Coalition For Choice (APC4C)

May 22, 2013 by Julie Meadows | 2 Comments

There are soooo many amazing quotes contained in this video. Nina really is amazing.

From the YouTube description:

Performer, Producer, Feminist, Activist, Author, RN, and all-around Goddess, Nina Hartley, talks about her feminist roots, free speech issues surrounding Measure B and AB332, risk reduction as a performer, porn-shaming, conflating “pornographer” with “pimp”, being an experimental guinea pig for the “do-gooders”, and why the mandates will not do what the condom proponents say they will do; that they will, in fact, make legal sex work less safe for performers.

If you are in the adult industry and in favor of choice, sign up to join Adult Performers Coalition For Choice at

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