Random Thoughts, Old School vs. “Old School”

February 22, 2013 by Julie Meadows | 17 Comments

old schoolLIFE caption reads, “Rock Hudson: Hollywood’s Most Handsome Bachelor”

I posted this on FaceBook, and thought it’d be cool here connected to the comment thread at Adventures in Pornoland – a review.

Anti-pornographers love to talk about the ways in which porn has downgraded, degraded and infested our culture. Personally, I think porn and reality television have done an incredible job of humanizing entertainment by de-glamourizing Hollywood.

Some prefer the glamorous Hollywood of the 50s, for instance, yet years later look at all the gay men who lived miserably ‘in the closet’ for fear of being outcasts in the art medium they love so much. Look at all the racism in old movies. “The good ‘ole days.” They were not good for everybody.

I am a huge fan of the younger generation of Hollywood moviemakers and how they have incorporated everything pop culture into their movies to reflect a wide range of mediums in our world, particularly porn.

  • Stormy Daniels, The 40 Year Old Virgin 
  • Tera Patrick and Stormy D., Semi-Pro
  • Julie Meadows (me!), Old School [in a video clip at beginning of movie]
  • Boogie Nights
  • Ron Jeremy, Orgazmo
  • Zack and Miri Make a Porno (featuring adorable Katie Morgan)
  • And even the use of my picture in a sex phone ad in Adam Sandler’s Punch Drunk Love

I think it’s neat; I think it’s humane. More importantly, these people are talented and hysterical!

*My apologies for everyone I missed in this really short list!

**It is reported that Ron is out of the hospital. Am I surprised so many people care about Ronnie? Not so much.

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February 1, 2013
by Julie Meadows

The Deep Throat Sex Scandal – a review

So informative, animated, funny and wonderful was David Bertolino’s The Deep Throat Sex Scandal press opening at the Zephyr Theater tonight, that I had to come right home after the show and start my review while it’s still fresh in my mind. … Continue reading

Porn Star Vignettes: Jane Hamilton

August 13, 2012 by Julie Meadows | 0 comments

janie-1 Jane Hamilton is one of my best friends. She’s childlike, unabashedly sexual, and extremely compassionate. She also saved me after I quit all performance work and needed a new form of income.

Choosing to do something as unique as sex work and then changing direction completely is a difficult endeavor, but by making me her production managing assistant, I was able to transition from performance work to administration. She takes care of people, and I doubt any of us will ever really be able to repay her for her incredible generosity and depthless devotion to friendship.

In this all too short portrait of Jane Hamilton, fka Veronica Hart, we get to see that side of her, and much more.

Janie talks about the adult industry now vs. back in the early 80s, when her adult performance career was exploding. She explains why porn has become clinical and talks a bit about being a perfectionist director. We get to walk with her and find out how she came to rescue Skooby, a short-legged pit mix; and then hang out while she records voiceover tracks for California Exotic Novelties.

She also talks about how porn came to be legal in California, Paul Thomas Anderson promising to never cast her as a prostitute or porn star, the caricature-defying relationship she had with her parents growing up, being a naturally sexual person, and how being “different” has invited unusual people into her life.

All my love goes to Janie for being a good friend, a feminist and sexual pioneer, and an amazing human being.


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The Rest of the Holly Hollywood Interview

May 10, 2012 by Julie Meadows | 1 Comment

I wish I had posted this sooner, but a tragedy only a few months after shooting diverted my attention. The time sensitive portion of this interview can be found at this link. Certainly not the bulk of the interview, but still it’s a lot packed into a short time so Holly Hollywood could get the word out about raising money for her daughter’s school. I hope my contribution helped.

This interview is over two years old but it still stands the test of time, and it was Alana Evans’ recent interview with Dr. Drew–answering the question of whether or not a porn star can be a good mother–that reminded me of it. (Link here)

I think it’s safe to say that people like Holly Hollywood prove that a porn star can not only be a good–if not amazing–mother, a porn star can be a magnificent human being. Period.

Holly’s website appears to be down for good, but I am friends with her through FaceBook, so I took a look and it shows her happy and living her life away from the adult industry, so I won’t add any links unless she asks me to. Mainly, I want this out in the world for her, and other capable women who also perform sex work who care for their families, don’t abuse drugs, and defy the stereotype that a porn star is a deviant, law-breaking victim/predator who abuses children and just hates people in general.

We talk about the condom mandate, how daunting the task is of finding a “regular” job after porn, her dog attack and successful surgery, sky diving, her day on the set of “Boogie Nights”, her many charity endeavors: cancer (because of a close friend); A is for Autism (because she has a special needs child); Ride to Recovery (a charity for veterans); a charity event she threw just for Stephanie Swift in Long Beach to help her through her own cancer ordeal. We talk about piracy and unions,  a book entitled “The Four Agreements”, taking your inspiration where you can find it and generally being a good person who cares and makes a difference in this world by example. She is a fascinating person and, very clearly, a good mother.

I highly recommend watching the first interview at the link above. The opportunity to meet people like Holly Hollywood was the reason I started shooting a documentary in 2010 and I wish her all the best in everything she and her family endeavors to do.


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