You Study What? Volume 1 – a review


I’m so happy to post this!! Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals is a thoughtful, respectful and honest acamdemic. She’s also my friend. Even so, it’s a real treat to boast someone’s work without the need for extra embellishments.

You Study What?

You Study What? One Sociologist’s Journey through Sex, Society, & Adult Entertainment (Volume 1) is Porn 101 from an academic perspective in delicious, digestible chapter portions. Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals’ perspective is refreshing, funny, candid and wonderfully illuminating.

I typically run from academic prose about sex and sex work, but anyone who reads Dr. Chauntelle’s website regularly––knows that she defies the stereotypes academics can sometimes embody when they are “looking in at [enter subject here]” and either don’t see anything especially interesting, or see much more than is actually there. Simply put, everything she writes about rings true because she’s looking at it through her personal lens with complete honesty; without coloring it with complicated (and dark) personal projections. We’re not machines, though, and so our perosnal lens also acts as a mirror. Fortunate for us, that mirror here reflects someone who is kind and completely adorable! Her not-so-prepared-for-this-to-happen moments had me howling.

Each story has an amazing point to make and was, personally, an educational experience for me. “The Thin Line Between Real and Fake” explores what constitutes “real” and “fake” when most people have some sort of physical alteration. “Average Joe and The Monster Cock” asks a never-asked question about men’s libidos in the face of so much size stereotype in marketing. And “Working the Booth” ends on a rumination about porn’s “decline” as possibly our being culturally and sexually ‘over it’.

I could go on and on about Dr. Chauntelle. She’s charming and witty, but really, none of this would come through if she weren’t also a very good writer. If her work in this form can be compared to food, You Study What? promises to offer an ongoing shmorgishborg of delicious nibbles I can’t wait to digest!

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  1. “This unusual and highly successful species spends a great deal of time examining (their) higher motives and an equal amount of time ignoring (their) fundamental ones.” – Desmond Morris

    “Delicious Nibbles from Dr Tibbals”? or “Curious Chauntelle goes to the Circus”? or maybe “I Study Human Behavior, Bitches, What of it?!?!?”?

    nice work, Doc :)

  2. thank you for the kind review!!

    …and “Delicious Nibbles from Dr Tibbals” – done and done, Alex!! (the other two options are just as amazing though :)

  3. If she is a friend of yours good start
    Also academics who communicate are the real gift

  4. Just picked it up for the Kindle on Amazon. Look forward to reading it :)

  5. @Readers: Is there anybody out there, ‘sides me, missing the occasional life confirming line or two (can there be anything “more” life confirming then the subject of sex, and if there is please point it out to me) from Our Geek Muse?

    Since there is no just plain “Reader Interactive” section here, thought I’d just post this here to see if anybody Else’s eyeballs had gone lonely.

  6. Apart from sex friendship is important

  7. @ terence: Yes I’d say friendship is great, and love is even better.

    But sometimes our “survival of the species” and hormonal sex instincts blind us into projecting both “friendship” and “love” onto our partners when really we are just hanging out together in lust.

    Then when the initial lust wears off there is (I like Billy Joel’s song The Stranger here: ) really just an acquaintanceship relationship we’ve tried to pretend was “love” that just can’t last.

    And I’ve seen both men and women fooled by the projection lust bugg.

    I had recently written a piece (elsewhere) on how great sex can be like playing a great sweaty workout tennis match with a friend of the opposite sex. You might be friends with that tennis mate, but neither of you might want to fall in love with the other or sign a marriage legal contract for exclusive sex. You might have other friends you still want to play tennis with.

    And, later, you may find out your spouse is not the greatest tennis player in the world, but as a person you can be really good friends and be “in-love” and manage that exclusive sex because of that respect. You might discover you know-longer (sic) want to play competitive tennis with other people.

    A lot of people never really find “love,” and that includes cheating Preachers you read about in the papers all the time. My own wife’s church’s Preacher got beat up by a jealous husband and they had to transfer in a new Preacher right before our wedding. So we got married in the church’s hall by a Justice of the Peace (who also was an Anthropology professor at a local college, which I thought was a neat touch).

    My wife and I had become Best Friends is why we got married. The sex was average (she was divorced from a religious case who called her a “whore” if she moved more than doing her 5 minute wifely duty for him in only the missionary position). Any good psychiatric text book will tell you the main cause for neurotic behavior is rooted in religious beliefs and their inculcated guilt. And that’s one of the Facts of Life they don’t teach in church.

    So I bought her a pack of Adult Playing cards–while we were dating–and told her to pick a card and that was the position we would start with. Practice might not really make perfect, but by golly it makes friendship and falling in love a lot more fun.

    It’s basically religion that brainwashes kids into thinking sex and love are supposed to be the exact same thing. They are not! And this brainwashing sets naive kids up for a lot of manipulation and heartbreak for the rest of their lives.

    Just like there is always somebody looking to set people up for a marketing (or ponzi) scheme, there is always somebody willing to set you up into being their meal ticket or their car payment in exchange for sex disguised as “love.” Then when a better meal ticket comes along they split. This is not being cynical, this is being not naive.

    Predatory people are out there looking to take advantage of your sons & daughters, so be careful about what you might skip teaching them in “sex-ed (or church)” as well as in economics.

    And then there are some people who can just be Tennis Friends with benefits. Sometimes that’s a good place to be in between other relationships. Life can last longer than love.

  8. what you say about sex and relgion can be true but it is much more complex. Hey my email, is if you want to email

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