John Fugelsang repurposes the term S.L.U.T.


Apparently “SLUT” means “Sexually Liberated Unapologetic and Truthful”. This is quick, funny, poignant, brilliant, and really just common sense perfect. A mental orgasm for reasonable people, if you will.

Thank you, Ed, for sharing this! John Fugelsang on Slut-Shaming (Video)

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Author: Julie Meadows

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  1. Lydia
    Pleased to see this. When men dont like what women do sexually this term is used. In my family law practice here I have heard it used with venom.
    There is an equivalent term for men namely satyr however it is rarely used. Even the term nymphomaniac is female based.
    Its time for men to come to the party and accept the choices women make. How about people also being civil

  2. I actually tend to think the term “slut” is used much more negatively by women against other women than it is with men attacking sexually independent and assertive women. Maybe it’s jealousy at the notion that someone is having much more fun than they are.

    Anyways, Fugelsang GETS IT…and he should be saluted.

    I still think that professional MILF sex performer/ethical slut Janet Mason had the term down a bit better:

    “SLUT” (noun): A female with the sexual desires and behavior of a man.

  3. I saw a meme that stated as much last week. I think both are quite right. :)

  4. “Are we simply romantically challenged, or are we sluts?” ~Carrie

  5. I’ll probably be out of line saying this, but I never considered myself a slut. The image conjured up in my mind was always someone who has sex indiscriminately and doesn’t know why. That might actually be better characterized as a “nymphomania”. Regardless, I never considered myself that, either. Most “sluts” I knew would never trade sex for money. The ones I knew considered it undignified, and I saw them as impractical. lol

    No, I saw myself as someone who simply didn’t know what she wanted and had to find out what-was-what. Once I married, I thought celibacy was a given until my ex explained that he thought that was unrealistic considering we were artistic types. So I reinterpreted sex as a kind of sport.

    I don’t think it’s practical to not experiment. I think experimentation is important. If you know what you like, then you can focus more on the other person. If you have sexual intelligence and want to share it because you enjoy it, it makes sense to make a living at it. If you just like experimenting for fun because you love your freedom and could care less about settling down with one person, it makes sense to just be free with your sexuality. I really don’t get what the big deal is. People develop hurtful names because they get attached. If I like someone and he hurts me, I can call him a jerk and feel better. I can say he’s a slut with no heart or feelings, etc, etc. So maybe bottom line, sluts are simply people who enjoy sex and don’t care about your goddamn pansy-ass feelings. :D

  6. “sluts are simply people who enjoy sex and don’t care about your goddamn pansy-ass feelings” :)

    I must have read that last paragraph 20 times. I must admit, you don’t seem to be much of a slut. I like your steely mew JME graphics :)

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