Porn Star Bowling


This coming Sunday an event is being held at Corbin Bowl called Porn Star Bowling. I’ll give you two guesses about what that means exactly. Hmm? Yes, it has to do with porn stars. Do they bowl? Why, yes they do. Well, some of them, I’m sure.

Here is the link: FSC, LATATA Co-host Porn Star Bowling Fundraiser on July 28

And here’s a flyer I hope doesn’t require 2257 record-keeping.


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Author: Julie Meadows

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  1. does 2257 impact *all* of us or is it just another anti-porn/prostitution law? “Celebrating Our Freedom” is important stuff for all you art lovers. :/

    la-dee-tata :)

  2. I can see it now; you’re going to a therapist and about to discuss your sex life. But before that happens the therapist requests a 2257 document when you talk about your masturbation, because there needs to be proof that you aren’t a minor.

    @alex: I’ve noticed, in the past, that some of my fellow deviant art subscribers that are photographers have mentioned 2257 records for their nude models even though the work isn’t overtly erotic; just to avoid potential problems (I would assume). I’ve always wondered that if the artwork is non-realistic (comic book in nature) and erotic/sexually explicit and the story was entirely fictional would it get to the point where 2257-like documents would have to be kept, and if so, how would you prove a fictional person doesn’t exist. Perhaps I’m overthinking it.

  3. Alex–Tee hee. :D

    It is an anti-porn/prostitution law that, if applied literally the way it’s laid out, would impact webcam models, every single person who sexts pictures to each other, etc. It has only ever been applied to the adult industry through impromptu audits, the way obscenity laws are only ever applied to popular commercial pornographers. The scary part is that with laws in place like this, it only ever takes a shift in power to apply them to everyone. Like Brian’s fellow deviant art artists. When you are afraid you are breaking the law simply because the nature of what you’re doing is sexual, you realize the intention is too make sure sex hysteria is alive and well. They think 2257 is important because there are “young-looking” actresses. Really? Wow. Young-looking eighteen- and nineteen-year-olds? That’s genius. Let me go get you a medal for such an overwhelmingly insightful observation. Let’s just completely ignore the fact that ever minor who got into the legal industry wasn’t recruited but sought it out and submitted a fake ID.

    Brian–Oy! Believe me, you are not the one over-thinking it.

    I wonder how XXX Church handles the anti-masturbation subject with minors. Gross.

  4. ‘God kills a kitten every time you masturbate’ very Gross.…_God_kills_a_kitten

  5. Porn indusrty one step away from local federal state goverments push them self right on in porn indusrty is matter if well happen any more than when well happen. Than got people in out side porn indusrty hope pray for that event take play for there owen selfish reasons. There the insidious reasons there use like well save kids to well for best health interest of porn star that come in the indusrty make sure there be safe. Sent when has local federal state goverment done good job at any thing othere than spending money go in debt. Those think state federal goverment gone do better job police porn than porn indusrty need get there heads out there collective asses.

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