Senator Wendy Davis’ Filibuster – WOW!


This is amazing!!!

Link here:

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  1. it’s like she she spent her whole life waiting for this! She rocks!!!

  2. I wonder if Wendy Davis could clone herself?? We could use her nextt door here in Louisiana, where Bobby Jindal screws us just as royally as Goodhair does there…only with a slightly better tan.

    That was not bad to see at all…even if the Texas Lege does come back and ramrod those bills through, the myth of the irresistable force of right-wing politics has been broken, and I’m guessing that these women aren’t finished quite yet.

  3. First, props to Wendy Davis.

    I like that one of the ladies yelled out “bullshit” because it basically sums up what I feel about politics; it’s a steaming pile.

    I would like to think that there was a time in this country that when so many people were against a law the government wanted to pass that government would actually listen. Wasn’t it such public outcry that this country was founded on? Instead we see people dragged away from an assembly that was open to the public. So, should I then believe that the government only wants to hear my voice when it suits them?

    Then to read that asshat, Dewhurst, said the people were “unruly”. Unruly? No. No. I’ll show you unruly, I’ll throw full, open, beer cans from that balcony, if you want to see “unruly”. Or better yet, asshat Dewhurst, take out a history book and read up on the Boston Tea Party. I’m pretty sure the Brits back then thought those colonists were “unruly”, you….asshat.

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