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As of tomorrow, according to a notice received by those blog users using Blogger’s free hosting service, many adult content sites that have not rid their blogs of adult-related ads over the last four days will get deleted. There’s been some confusion as to what this means exactly. Some of the wording is vague enough to cause alarm, but the general consensus is that it is purely ad-related; either due to generated ad revenue, malware, or both. Either way it has got people talking about the malware that comes from many non-adult-related sites. [Read notice here--NSFW.]

I want to highlight two comments made here about it because I think they could be of use to people still searching for information.


3rd party ad servers are common targets for malware writers because it’s an easy platform to get malware installed on a wide number of computers. I think the majority (if not all) of the ad servers that are infected cater to adult content.

Most of the instances I had found malware installed on my computer was after I had visited an adult site with a 3rd party ad server. Many of those sites were hosted on Blogger.

Norton and McAfee (and possibly others but I’m only familiar with the two mentioned) claim to determine the risk factor of every website they are able to test and if the website presents a high enough risk they block access to those sites if you have their browser add-on installed.

On a few occasions I have visited the main Blogger site, or a blog hosted there, and McAfee’s SiteAdvisor has blocked my access a few times (not recently though). That said it is entirely possible that since there is nothing they can do directly about 3rd party ads the next logical step would be to prevent the sites they host from being able to use them.

In other words, no 3rd party ads equals a safer website.

Anthony Kennerson:

Brian makes an excellent point about third-party ads being magnets for malware hacks…especially in Blogger blogs that have been just sitting there not being updated. It may be that Blogger has been nailed so often by such malware that they simply decided that it would be more cost effective to blow out all adult blogs with ads.

Problem is, plenty of adult blogs are clean, and I know of plenty of non-adult blogs that are just as much suckers for malware hacking….yet I don’t see Blogger going after them with the nuke. And, there are lots and lots of third-party ads in non sexual content as well, yet only sex blogs get the boot. Seriously, Google??

This sounds so much more like selective censorship of sexual content in order to please the prudes and focus their “marketing” on a more conservative demographic (and to “protect the children”/”fight sex trafficking”).

In any case, until I see elsewhere, I’m mirroring BPPA on my WordPress network, just in case.

On the other hand, though, there are some adult webmasters who might not be so against the move because some of these free Blogger adult blogs were being used by content theives who were stealing content from paid membership sites and reposting them on their Blogger blogs with links to fake cam or adult dating sites.

Thank you very much for the input guys!

To read all of the comments, follow this link to Blogger to Delete Adult-Related Blogs in Four Days.

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  1. It’s kinda funny that you bring this up because we, meaning the AIPdaily team, are looking into picking up the slack on the hosting side for those sites that are going to get dropped.

  2. You’ve got your own server?

  3. Yep, sure do. :)

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