Alex Chance of Adult Performers Coalition For Choice (APC4C)


In this short interview, Alex Chance talks about her preference for making condom-less adult content and why. She talks about testing, enjoying her job, and not being a victim.

Criminalizing the adult industry will not make performers more safe, it will make them less safe. Prohibition does not work.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone who has signed up and participated in the interviews, and to all the open and private messages I get thanking me for being passionate about this subject. If you are a performer and care about keeping the adult industry legal and safe, sign up to Adult Performers Coalition for Choice at If you are a fan and care about keeping the adult industry legal and safe, donate to,,,

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  1. ‘The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.’ -Edmund Burke

    that AHF statement about their pr says it all. They just keep repeating AIDS, porn and condoms bla bla bla ’till people start to think it’s true. The human trafficking myth has found its way into the minds of the simple minded and uninformed so much that it has become ‘fact’ in the same way ‘terrorism’ was the justification for similar loss of liberty.

    good work guys :)

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