Lydia Lee of Adult Performers Coalition For Choice (APC4C)


In this video presentation, I talk about Measure B, AB-332, Jessie Rogers, the adult industry’s history with condoms, Cal-OSHA, and more. But before I do my usual thing and write, write, write… here’s my video!

I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend!

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  1. These laws passing are setting a dangerous precedent. Next they will go after the music and film industries, and maybe even contact sports. AIM was absolutely on the right track and should have been assisted by the government and production companies. Measure B and AB 332 are ignorant conservatism at their most blatant. Pro choice for performers and stringent testing are more than enough. Good on you for what you’re doing Lydia

  2. Thank you, Michael. And really, the industry’s testing protocols should be adopted, not diminished by poorly written laws that focus on band-aids and other sex-restricting methods.

  3. Jessie Rodgers and Hayden Winters is the best they can do? it’s like a scene from ‘The Crucible’! they make you sound like a genius :)

  4. Wait a minute. But I *am* a genius! :D

  5. Seeing those words of someone accusing porn actors of being treated like “working animals on a mainstream movie set” is just so much grandstanding to the delusional religious brainwashed voting bloc. Telling them what they want to hear! Can the lynch mob sheeple say, “Amen!”

    To my knowledge I have never seen anyone pushing morality legislation who are not self promoters trying to manipulate the religious voting bloc for their own gain at Society’s expense of creating a black market (can we say “Prohibition”) for either unorganized or organized crime. And it always creates a system of throwing more good tax dollars after bad in a criminal justice system already burdened with far too many unconstitutional “victimless crime” moral regulations that detract from real Police social services. I want Police patrolling my neighborhood for burglars, not wasting my tax dollars pulling undercover raids to see if some actor is not wearing a condom.

    When I was on location for the movie Steal The Sky, with Mariel Hemingway & Ben Cross, we extras (atmosphere people) were basically kept penned up in a big room like cattle, sometimes for hours on end (so… okay, we got paid by the hour to wait in the pen) until the next scene was set up with the props–just so–and the actors rehearsed.

    Then a “handler” from casting would come herd us all to the set and block out our background “atmosphere” movements. We would repeat these movements like “trained dogs” for 20 or 30 takes (or more), working from the wide angle camera shots down through all the “angles” shots down to actor close-ups.

    Then the casting “handler” would herd us all back to our pen/room where we would sit for another 2 hours (about 18 hour days–when they shoot indoors you can pretend it is a daytime scene even if it is really 2am) until they got the next set propped up and actors rehearsed again.

    “Atmosphere” Animals!

    Also, if whoever this shit-fer-brains person is whom is claiming porn actors (and that is what they are, they are actors acting out explicit “love” scenes for camera angles, where mainstream actors all act out the mainstream feature film “obligatory love” scenes–almost, but not quite explicit sex; in how many takes?) are “animals” they have never read a mainstream Hollywood actor’s Contract which must have written in it that the mainstream Production Company is “Exploiting” the mainstream actor’s screen image for the express purposes of the manufacture of a motion picture. This way the actor cannot come back later and ask for more royalties for having been “Exploited” without his/her knowledge because they already knew this “Exploitation” to be a fact of life on the Contract signed dotted line.

  6. I can’t help it. Every time I hear about these condom laws I can’t help but think of “Demolition Man” and Sandra’s Bullock’s reaction to ‘fluid transfer’, and how sex acts through direct contact had been made illegal (I made a comment in another of Lydia’s post about all restaurants becoming Taco Bell).

    I can’t help but think but, wouldn’t this be that first step? First legislate mandatory condom use in porn, then in bedrooms. It’s not such a huge leap when you consider webcam shows that are “filmed” from the privacy of a person’s home. If I remember correctly, Measure B also covered webcam shows.

    Don’t let the evil Ron Popeil win!

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