FSC Call to Action: FAX House Appropriations Committee to Oppose AB 332


I won’t copy and paste everything, so please visit the FSC Blog [here] and send letters to the Appropriations Committee expressing why they should oppose AB-332. I sent my letters. Have you?

I received a few letters yesterday from people who are under the impression that forcing condoms on people in this way is a good idea, but I would just like to remind those who feel that way that it’s not that simple.

This law is about far more than just condoms. This bill is poorly written and refers to “barriers” that would prevent sex altogether. It’s not ridiculous to be wary of that, it’s ridiculous to know it’s there and ignore it.

Furthermore, the people who are pushing this bill without the industry’s input consider you subhuman. The right approach to caring about this industry would have been working with it to better testing protocols and then working to make sure every performer can choose to wear a condom, if they want one, while present on a working set. As it stands, you don’t have to work in porn, and you do not have to work on a non-condom set. Once this law passes, anyone who won’t or can’t wear condoms is ostracized from working in porn in California. And if you really think this kind of government overreach will end with condoms in porn, then you are not aware that this overbroad bill also talks about simulated sex and a number of other very problematic things.

Also, some people like to say, ‘But hey, the bill now mentions testing.’ It’s true that the opposition has slowly modified its approach, but that’s not cooperation. Cooperation means meeting people at the table and organizing before pushing a bill. This is a shift in strategy, not cooperation. There is a very big difference.

If you want to be apart of opposing this bill and working towards industry-appropriate regulations; if you are for performer’s choice, sign up to Adult Performers Coalition For Choice today and get involved with us to be heard about saner, less demeaning and less insulting ways to approach what would actually be more beneficial for performers.

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