A few good articles: Lila Gray on APC4C & Dr. Chauntelle’s recently published research


Obviously, I am highly impartial to the first article!!

Lila Gray at XBiz.com asked me some questions and posted about the newly formed Adult Performers Coalition For Choice (APC4C).

From APC4C Formed to Combat AB 332, Measure B:

Former adult actress Lydia Lee and the FSC’s Diane Duke and Joanne Cachapero have formed the Adult Performers Coalition For Choice (APC4C), an outreach organization dedicated to toppling Measure B and barring the passage of AB 332.

“FSC does a lot on its own, but they are constantly wrapped up in [litigation over federal record-keeping law] 2257 and other pursuits far more specific to the legal side of things,” Lee told XBIZ. “They don’t always have the time to reach out to every specific group. Having spent some time with these two great ladies … it became our understanding that performers should have a coalition of their own.”

The trio has been working on the project since the last AB 332 hearing on April 24, inspired by the performer turnout there and at previous legal battlegrounds concerning AB 332 and Measure B, Lee said.

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Lots of people have signed on, which is very exciting! More, more to come soon!

Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals was featured on AVN.com yesterday in Dr. Chauntelle Publishes New Research on Porn, Law and Society.

Sociologist Chauntelle Anne Tibbals, Ph.D., best known to the adult industry as “Dr. Chauntelle,” is pleased to announce publication of her newest research “When Law Moves Quicker Than Culture: Key Jurisprudential Regulations Shaping the US Adult Content Production Industry.”

The article, which appears in The Scholar: St Mary’s Law Review on Race and Social Justice (2013, 15:2), uses historical sociology to explore the research question: Why, in spite of its legal and protected status, is adult content and adult content production still a stigmatizing and polarizing dimension of US culture?

“This is something that’s always confounded me,” Tibbals stated. “Adult content production is legal in the US and we hear endless rhetoric about the adult industry mainstreaming, but we as a culture still seem to struggle with porn.”

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To read about it from Dr. Chauntelle’s site, PVVOnline.com, link here.

There’s still time, so don’t forget to fax the Appropriations Committee. The next AB-332 hearing is tomorrow! FSC Blog has a sample letter and the list of Assemblymembers!!

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  1. “Lee said APC4C will work to abolish such stereotypes and insert performers’ input into legal discussions concerning the industry.”

    this is good. this is what needs to happen.

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