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I have said before, and it stands repeating, that you bring to your life’s endeavors what you have within yourself. If you are a miserly person, everything you do will reflect that; if you are a positive person, positivity will permeate everything you do.

The worse thing you can do is surround yourself with people who put you down and try to make you feel bad. Sex, love, work, play; do all that you can to surround yourself with people who encourage you and critique you constructively. You need people who are kind but sensical and can tell you what to improve upon and what is already in good shape.

Saturday’s “Individual Liberty and the Adult Entertainment Industry” luncheon and panel discussion was very good. It is inspiring to be surrounded by people who take physical action to be involved in issues that effect our world, and comforting to know that there are plenty of people who understand things plainly and do not allow the constant subterfuge of emotionally-charged propaganda to move them to hysterical decisions.

Diane Duke of the Free Speech Coalition–the adult industry’s trade association–introduced First Amendment attorney Marc Randazza and myself. Randazza explained obscenity laws, 2257 laws and gave a rousing speech about our rights and how we must fight for them every step of the way. I spoke about the AB-332 hearing; being compared to “animals in mainstream movies”; 2257 laws, from a Compliance Officer perspective; and spoke in general about women’s rights and the danger of allowing anti-porn fronts to shame us into allowing our rights to slowly disappear. I quoted director Anna Arrowsmith about porn’s body-democratizing properties as a relevant case against allowing porn as expression to be stamped out just because we may not like it. People benefit from this art. We don’t have to like it, personally, but we must defend other’s right to make it because it effects us all. Evil Angel’s Christian Mann was missed.

The adult industry has always stood at the forefront of free speech issues. It’s our individual responsibility to follow legislative changes and point out problem areas. Poorly-written bills and measures are not just problematic today, but also for future generations. We have to stay abreast of what’s going on and get involved. There comes a time, however carefree one’s life may have been, when you realize that you are becoming the wiser generation. We have to set an example for our youth. If you’re not involved in positive change, you’re a burden to everyone working towards the benefit of the whole.

I can’t thank enough the common sense advocates behind the scenes and out in the limelight speaking.

I’ll have more information available very soon!

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Author: Julie Meadows

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  1. “At present, animals working in film & TV productions in Los Angeles enjoy more safety and health protections than adult film performers do.” – Michael Weinstein, president of AIDS Healthcare Foundation

    animals don’t own cell phones, drive themselves to work, sign contracts or have bank accounts. it’s a dehumanizing argument; an attempt to pull votes from the ‘do-gooders’ who want to help the subjugated fools… the rest are just the evil minions?

    maybe just legalize prostitution and give all parties some protection under the law. people hate obvious truths.

    Marc Randazza is a heavy hitter.

  2. It’s terribly degrading. It’s one thing to pass around ideas and another to settle on a statement like that with an obvious anti-choice message. So degrading.

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