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First of all, just a quick reminder to everyone in and near Las Vegas on Saturday to join myself, Diane Duke, Christian Mann and Marc Randazza for a panel discussion on “Individual Liberty and the Adult Entertainment Industry”. Follow the Libertarian Party of Nevada‘s twitter [here] and mine [here] for updates about the event.

As some of you know, AB-332 passed yesterday in what was a very confusing decision if you were listening to the live stream. The first vote was incomplete. Two votes were missing, so they had to vote later and it ended 5-0. Chair of the Assembly on Labor and Employment, Roger Hernandez, abstained.

There are a lot of things I can’t talk about that I would love to talk about, but the short of it is that a small group of us spent the entire day together and I will forever be adhered to these people for their kindness and bravery. Lorenzo Marr and I spoke before the committee about the ridiculousness and dangers of the bill, and we had the pleasure of finding that someone from the condom proponent group was giving a speech to college students in a corner of the waiting area about how badly porn performers are treated; comparing us to animals. People play dirty in life when their motives are dirty. It was a learning experience.

My advice, if you get information about a group or person and that advice is really biased: find out for yourself. Don’t let other people tell you how to think. I have an incredible amount of respect for the Free Speech Coalition’s Diane Duke; for Lorenzo, who shared a personal, emotional story to talk about the threat of production leaving the state; Mo Reese, a producer; and everyone who joined us in a really long line to support the “No” vote yesterday. I met some great people and appreciate them incredibly for their common sense and effort to be there.

Steve Javors and Peter Warren of wrote about the hearing. It notes the tense initial vote before the final vote of the day, and lists a number of the people who showed up against the bill. Please read AB 332 Faced Death in Committee, But Passes here (NSFW).

Lila Gray of reported on the hearing, noting that “ and Hot House Entertainment staff as well as other industry supporters, trekked to the Capitol to state their opposition on the bill.” Read AB 332 Approved by Committee, Moves Forward here (NSFW).

My thanks to the accurate reportage and many, many thanks to the wonderful people I met yesterday from San Francisco!!

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