Anna Arrowsmith vs. Germaine Greer; Is Pornography Good for You?


This is a very good (and damned polite!) debate between Anna Arrowsmith and Germaine Greer [link here--SFW]. Always nice to hear this controversial topic expanded upon through conversation.

In fact, if you want another Anna Arrowsmith walk down memory lane, the University of Cambridge debate from 2011 is also very good. [Link here.]

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  1. I love Germaine Greer. She always puts together a logical argument.
    One of the things she said about sex that I like, was : “The pill didn’t liberate women, it just meant men didn’t have to wear a condom”.
    Speaking as someone who was on three forms of the pill that the doctor recommended for PMS, I can confirm that it did not agree with my body. The first time I was nineteen, and I got leg pains, so came off it and about six months later the type I was on was pulled from the market as it caused strokes.
    The second two types in 2008 I was on (again for PMS) , gave me tremendously bad side effects, resulting in cysts which were first thought to be lumps in my breasts. I had to go to hospital twice, to get them drained on an outpatient basis. Luckily, no cancer was found, although I have been told that it was unusual to get that reaction and just to keep a look out for any other lumps.
    I now treat my PMS with vitamins, exercise and plenty of sleep.
    So it is obvious I am allergic to hormonal contraception, but luckily that isn’t an issue with me as I don’t need contraception at the minute.

  2. “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.” – Mr. Bill

    the discussion becomes an argument when issues that are very different become conflated and misdirected.

    People will seek fantasy solutions to their very real problems in place of actions that would create real change… we all do it and our culture seems to accept it for the most part. The only real danger exists when the worlds of reality and fantasy cross into a type of illusionary reality.

    I couldn’t open the first link, but the second link was awesome. Shelley sounded drunk or high or maybe just brain damaged :)

  3. Claire–Oh my! That sounds horrific. It does point out that birth control pills aren’t just for sex. Lots of women get prescriptions for menstrual pain and period irregularity.

    I like listening to Germaine Greer because she’s intelligent and makes good points on various things, but the sex thing is just so damned loaded with personal opinion. My deepest respect will always be reserved for people who do not kick others they simply don’t understand or choose not to understand. The shaved pubes thing is an old and tired argument. All of that “women are victims to men’s sexual urges” is propaganda. The people imprisoned and victimized are so in their own minds because they believe it’s right to shame women for their masculine traits and shame men for their feminine traits, or visa versa! You absolutely can be a whole person with intelligence, compassion and sexual autonomy.

    Alex is right and highly quotable, as usual. :D

    Holy crap! I can understand being intimidated, because most people don’t like speaking in front of a group, but yeah… she sounded inebriated. Since she *usually* sounds that way, I don’t know.

  4. Hi again,
    The procedure of getting the benign cysts removed was relatively painless. Even though the needle looked very long, being an ex-Dental Nurse, I know the pain of getting an injection in the mouth is worse, due to the mouth being the most sensitive part of the body, full of nerve endings like the tips of fingers and toes.
    I always say the only type of boob that matters is a healthy one! :)
    However, reading about the Steubenville Rape Case incensed me beyond words. Back in February this year when out for a friend’s birthday and sober (three beers), I was groped and physically assaulted by an Indian man who thought I would be easy pickings. After he hit me on the face, I left the nightclub, walked home only to be harassed by missed calls and texts from him as I had naively and stupidly given him my mobile phone number thinking he was just being friendly.
    The following week left me shaken and depressed and it has left me anxious and I have been getting panic attacks. Even though it was nowhere near as serious as rape, the groping was bad enough (without going into detail) for me to push him away. And this was in the middle of a decent nightclub with the bouncers ignoring it!
    In fact, I was watching ‘Law and Order:Special Victims Unit’ the other week and their storyline was based on the case you mentioned. I just could not believe people standing around did nothing to defend the poor girl attacked and the boys’ parents were in denial about their sons being rapists.
    It disgusted me beyond words.
    Next time any guy EVER gets nasty and physical with me again he is going home in a body bag.
    My body is not a commodity and just because I was standing on the dance floor does not mean I was a target.
    I was wearing trousers and a top so it just goes to show that predators will go after a woman no matter what they wear. Women should be able to go where they want, and wear what they want without fear.
    He kept asking me to kiss him and I kept pushing him away and that is why he hit me. I have talked to a few people since and apparently it has happened to some of their friends as well whne men have been drunk, I don’t drink much, but I would advise anyone who goes out to be cautious, to always stay in groups, and never ever leave their drinks unattended. It is all about self control.
    I am over it now, but it could have been much worse for me. I hope the rapists involved in that case are thrown inside and never let out. I know prison may not reform all people, and rape is based on anger, power, control and humiliation, but one rapist off the streets is one less worry for women.

  5. PS: Disclaimer: :) I know there are good men out there,(somewhere) so I am using my story as an example to any woman reading this to be careful, not to be naive and stupid like I was, and am not demonizing men who are moral, intelligent and good. Thanks for reading! :)

  6. That definitely pisses me off, but you’re right. Gotta keep your head when you go out in public. That’s why I don’t go anywhere during holiday celebrations. Too dangerous.

    Damn, Claire! I’m so sorry to hear that. That is infuriating!!

  7. I got a little upset typing my story, but felt the need to share as it, as it is a regular occurrence everywhere these days, and people, both male and female, really do need to be careful.
    Still, I am wiser for my experience and now know some self defense moves thanks to a co worker whom I work with in the Cancer Research charity shop I volunteer in. Unfortunately self defense sprays are illegal here to carry around, otherwise I would have a ton in my handbag. :)

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