AB-332 and why you should be involved.


The condom initiative is not just a crippling business initiative, it is part of porn history now. Shooting adult content has been legal in California since 1989. Everything about Measure B and AB-332 challenges that.

Michael Weinstein of AIDS Healthcare Foundation–the force behind the condom initiative–is keen on saying that shooting adult content is only legal in California and New Hampshire, but that’s not true. Fact is, there are no laws in other states stating that shooting adult content is illegal, and it is widely known that other states have been competing with California in making adult content.

AB-332 is a job killer. Articles have come out stating that L.A.’s permit office, Film LA, has received a request for two permits for the entire year from an industry that usually reuqests around 500 permits annually. Every rational person can see this is an illogical solution, especially from a business standpoint. The producers don’t just “think” sales will fall, they know based upon past experience.

pattonMichael Weinstein poses with Shelley Lubben; anti-gay/anti-porn activist.

The most unsettling aspect of the initiative is the sloppy, lazy language that has garnered support from anti-porn activists. As evidenced by an LA Times article posted only a few days ago by Kurt Streeter and its accompanying photo [above], AHF has no qualms about allying itself with anti-gay and anti-porn activists to promote a message that includes “other protective barriers” that would prevent sex altogether.

California ties Nevada for the highest rates of unemployment in the country. If you are a webcam model, producer, director, performer, and fan of adult movies/California resident, contact Assmeblymembers Roger Hernandez, Jeff Gorell, Mike Morrell, Luis Alejo, Ed Chau, Jimmy Gomez, and Chris Holden of the Labor and Employment Committee [link here] and urge them to vote NO on AB-332 before April, 24th–next Wednesday! Don’t be fooled into thinking your voice doesn’t matter. AHF won last year’s Measure B vote 57-43 because the average person doesn’t fully understand that the initiative is an effort to bully and punish consenting adults; people who otherwise function legally under the law; people with families who contribute to California’s economy and pay their taxes. These people stand to go to jail for entertaining people. They are being bullied because they understand basic economics and the risk involved in what they do.

This IS a democracy, and thankfully so. Speak up! Write, email, fax, call and be heard!!


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  1. AHF: Follow The Money – (YouTube-www.youtube.com/w… )

    2010 – “Michael Weinstein of AIDS Healthcare Foundation has an agenda, and it has nothing to do with public health. Weinstein opposes government funding of research to cure AIDS – in favor of sending those billions to organizations such as AHF. He even sued Pfizer over Viagra — but only after they turned down his “multimillion-dollar funding request.” AIDS activists, politicos, news analysts, healthcare professionals and bloggers have called his campaigns on behalf of AHF “self-promoting” “demeaning” “disturbing” “patronizing” “ridiculous” “always self-serving” and “extortion.”

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