A Guide to Digestible Hate, courtesy of Betty Bowers


I was going to write something entitled Redefining Terms about the mutant infection some people give words. Gail Dines, for instance, uses the word “progressive” to characterize censorship. Huh? Yes, she and others have a reputation for doing this, and it makes me think they are little more than science fiction writers/orators/academics.

But then I saw one of Betty Bowers videos and it comically illustrates what is probably better described as “digestible hate,” which embraces redefining terms. “America’s Best Christian” would know.

In this video Mrs. Bowers counsels Shirley Phelps-Roper about Westboro Baptist Church’s overt hate via Skype. (This is satire, in case that requires noting.)

“…the trick to getting away with a ‘God Hates Fags’ message is just so simple. Avoid those three words. Well, at least when a camera’s running. You see, we may hate the same people, but we package our loathing more carefully than you ham-fisted, prairie yokels with your blunt, invective, polygamist compound couture and conspicuous unfamiliarity with hair conditioner. We use focus groups and we talk in code. We don’t ‘hate fags’, we ‘pray for sinful homosexuals’. Frankly, you unsophisticated loudmouths are showing our hand.

Try expressing your religious prejudices in a more artful, consumer-friendly way. Instead of ‘God Hates Fags’, try something that’s worked really well for us. ‘Love the sinner, but hate everything about them.’ Because hate doesn’t need to sound ugly. Hate pretty… like we do.”

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Author: Julie Meadows

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  1. So many people in Kansas are horrified by the Westboro Church and the abortion clinic protest groups there. Westboro tried to show up in Newtown… the cops and the bikers joined to stop them. Awesome!

    Terence, you’re a lawyer- What would you legally do to block them from showing up and protesting?

    ‘Gods creations’ can be vicious monsters. ‘God hates fags’ huh? Who wrote that book again?

    (‘Betty’ is the best)

  2. That is awesome. It’s just inconceivable that people can hate that much. Disgusting.

  3. If you really want a good laugh, a cry, and be scared out of your mind, don’t watch a comedy, drama, or a horror movie. Instead, go to YouTube and see videos of the Westboro Baptist Church.

    Bill O’Riely, Glenn Beck, Hannity (Fox News), the KKK, the hacker group Anonymous, and Michael Moore. What do they have in common? They all dislike the Westboro Baptist Church’s message. If you didn’t know what irony was before…..

    I couldn’t stand the videos of people trying to converse with these people as if they are rational; trying to reason with them that what they are doing is considered wrong by.. well… everyone else. Can you reason with the insane?

    I like the videos by Brick Stone (rorschac) on YouTube entitled “Westboro Baptist Church chased away from Grammys”

    Brick Stone to Shirley Phelps-Roper [at least I think it's her] “Is homosexuality unnatural?”

    Shirley responded with “It says they change the natural use to that which is against nature so God says [emphatically] yes!”

    Brick Stone shows her a photograph of three stags going at it, “Okay, so which one of them are going to hell? Is it all three, or just the guy in the middle?”.

    Her response is to sing in a mumble as a child protester of the group walks up and looks at the photograph.


    Sure, I may be going to hell, but I’m certain if I tell Lucifer that he was right about not bowing down to man that I’ll have it pretty good. Maybe even share a fire pit with George Carlin (according to the Phelps’ patriarch is in hell).

  4. Hahaha!!! Just watched a series of the Brick Stone videos. LOL

  5. Oh, and that church also protested at a San Diego Comic-Con. Apparently comic books give us false idols to worship. My fellow comic book fans retorted with a counter-protest.

    Lesbian cosplayers kissing
    “God hates Jedi” signs
    Another sign about “their God” allows his son to get nailed to a cross while Thor’s dad gives him a hammer. Or something like that.
    And much much more.

  6. Brick Stone is hilarious! thx Brian

    “There is no such thing as a homosexual or a heterosexual person. There are only homo- or heterosexual acts. Most people are a mixture of impulses if not practices.” – Gore Vidal

    a gay friend of mine once laughed and said “just ’cause I have sex with men doesn’t mean I want to have sex with *him*!!!” (pointing to a boring looking straight guy) people fear being gay and turn it to hate. relax everybody :)


  7. That National Geographic article was good although it says that human society doesn’t approve of infanticide. I’m fairly certain that there are some cultures, especially ancient ones, that approved of it. Birth defects or being the wrong gender were the reasons that the cultures would kill off their own children.

    India, Japan, China, and Sparta, to name a few.

  8. “Another sign about “their God” allows his son to get nailed to a cross while Thor’s dad gives him a hammer.” Hahaha! That’s funny. XD

    Great article. Alex, I’ll never forget you were the one that introduced me to bonobo monkeys. :D

  9. My favorite right-wing mumbo jumbo. Don’t say: “We’re putting your health in the hands of unscrupulous insurance companies”. But do say: “We’re giving you the choice of what health care is right for you”.

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