Mike South writes about suspicious new clinic with its own test verification website…


Blogger Mike South just posted about a new clinic that is offering testing and has its own test verification process [here]. Really? Just like the industry’s existing system, APHSS.org, which took AIM’s place in 2010? Their verification site uses “Adult Film Industry (AFI)” to indicate the adult biz. That’s a walk down memory lane, because–to my recollection–the adult industry never referred to itself as that before AIDS Healthcare Foundation started bullying CAL-OSHA and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health to come down on the industry.

Mike is the only person to break this story, so far. No major industry outlets have said anything. At all. Hmm…

Performer Kelly Shibari comments under Mike’s post:

“I’m still waiting for the “official” testing facility that we find out later is backed by AHF…”

Me, too…

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