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Christina runs AIPDaily, an adult industry site dedicated to reviews, interviews and more (NSFW). To read my interview with her from 2010–full of insights about personal taste, her introduction to porn, etc–follow this link.

Hello AIPChristina!

What kind of porn do you prefer?

I prefer features. Not that there is anything wrong with all sex movies, I just prefer my porn to have a story along with it.

Are there types of pornography that cross a line for you?

There are certain things I won’t watch such as scat or pissing, but I won’t say it crosses the line if someone finds that erotic. I feel that if it makes you happy then you should be able to watch it, as long as the actual act is legal, if that makes sense. [Yes.]

What is your preference as far as seeing condoms in porn?

This is a great question and it’s one I ask in some interviews. Personally I don’t care if condoms are used in a scene. It doesn’t take away from the fantasy for me either way. If it were up to me, I would just say let those that want to use condoms use them, and those that don’t…

What do you know about existing performer safety protocols?

I know that they are required to test at least once every 28 days which makes them a lot more aware of what is going on inside their bodies then most of the population.

Are you familiar with the condom mandate? If so, what is your understanding of the condom mandate?

Yes I am. My understanding is that while they used some trickery to get it passed, they had no idea or any way to actually enforce it. That and on top of the fact that as of right now, all the porn makers have to do is not film inside LA county and they can pretty much do what they like makes the mandate pretty weak.

What do you think about fetishes? BDSM?

I’ll be honest and say there are a lot of fetishes that I don’t get but like I said above, I’m not going to judge anyone for liking something that I don’t. BDSM is very interesting though and I do watch it from time to time. I like seeing the person completely give themselves over to someone else.

Do you feel you use porn in moderation? Your porn use is too frequent, or in any way unhealthy? Don’t really think about it?

I rarely watch porn during the day time, except for some internet stuff while I am uploading press releases or doing research for an interview. So when I do watch it is usually at night and I would say I watch a movie three or four nights a week.

Do you feel porn has helped you in your relationships? Hindered your relationships? Neither? In what way?

I wouldn’t say it has helped beyond inspiring some new things in the sex department. My girlfriend and I both watch the movies and we have a good time while doing it.

Are there types of porn you consider offensively racist?

I think some of the titles are racist or at least bordering on being racist but the actual content I don’t think is.

What criticisms do you have about the adult industry?

My biggest criticism would probably be the lack of unity when it comes to attacks on the industry itself. A lot of people and companies just seem to be out for themselves and don’t think about the overall industry and making sure it sticks around.

Very interesting. That last statement is a sad fact, especially with California State Assembly Bill 332 up for vote March 19th. I hope there is a decent turnout of industry professionals speaking their mind either way. Measures, bills, unions, calling peers out for unethical practices… these can be laughter-inspiring topics. I agree. Not enough unity.

Also interesting that you point out racism in the title and art for a movie, but that the actual content is usually not racist. Goes back to the topic of performers taking work and not knowing the title and theme. I can’t tell you how many jobs I took with a tentative title just to find it something completely different later; some funny, some rude.

Thank you, AIPChristina!!

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  1. both Q&A’s were awesome! I pulled out a few quotes, but it was all interesting and well said… women seem to be more fluid with their sexuality than most men. (definitely read the other Q&A with this one)

    I remember the haiku project – very provocative and beautiful.

  2. The haiku are actually still going.

    OK, I want to clarify one of my answers. What I was talking about with the racist stuff was that in my experiences, the movies that have the racists titles have action that is pretty much the same as any other movie in that genre. As you said Lydia, sometimes you show up to set and they don’t know what the movie will be called yet.

    Also, if you ever want to interview me again, let me know :)

  3. In the middle of moving and my whole body aches. I am too old for this sh*t. lol

    This is what I think of now when I read the “porn harms” propaganda. It doesn’t harm everyone. Clearly some people feel they benefit from it. Mandy got back to me after a few more questions and explained that porn helped her get past her inhibitions. That she didn’t have her first orgasm until age 32. I’ll post it soon.

    Christina, I thought your answer expressed what you meant very well. Thank you for taking the time and offering another.

  4. Well I am here to help Lydia.

    I thought my answers were pretty clear too but i just felt that I should clarify that one point in case someone didn’t get what I was saying.

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