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I get some interesting comments on my YouTube Channel. Mostly, they are complimentary. Sometimes, they are rude. But I got on the other day that was confusing and ominous.

Under the Jennie Ketcham Interview:

“It’s my hope that Jennie steers clear of Dr. Drew. With his kitsch style of televised behavior modification, Drew has already killed 5 of his patients. I do not want to read Jennie Ketcham’s obituary. She is a gemstone of sex films.”

Now, that of course insinuates that Dr. Drew Pinsky of television’s Celebrity Rehab and Sex Rehab personally murdered five people in his care. Thoroughly confused I looked up something on what this person was talking about and found an article at The American Spectator by Daniel J. Flynn entitled, The Dr. Death Side of Dr. Drew. Flynn writes:

“[Mindy] McCready becomes the fifth patient of Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab to transcend addiction through bodily transcendence. Unwitting riot catalyst Rodney King, Alice in Chains’ bassist Mike Starr, Taxi and Grease actor Jeff Conaway, and Real World resident Joey Kovar all passed shortly after Dr. Drew treated them. The smiling doc may not look like the grim reaper. But many of his patients behave as though they have seen him.

Rehab, which rarely succeeds away from the cameras, seems a riskier proposition in front of them. Surely McCready’s CV of stupidity made her a not-ready-for-primetime player. Perversely, in the perverse world we inhabit, that made her a suitable candidate for a starring role on the small screen, which strives to earn that diminutive description. Her downfall was our entertainment. Who’s sick?”

Dr. Drew’s Wikipedia page offers a bit more background on those who criticize his practices. Under Criticism and Praise:

“In 2009, Pinsky drew criticism from experts for publicly offering professional opinions of celebrities he has never met or personally examined, based on media accounts, and has also drawn the ire of some of those celebrities. Following comments Pinsky made about actor Tom Cruise’s belief in Scientology and Lindsay Lohan’s drug abuse, Cruise’s lawyer compared Pinsky to Joseph Goebbels, and Lohan posted on Twitter, “I thought REAL doctors talked to patients in offices behind closed doors.”[41] Pinsky also received criticism in April 2010 for stating that he would frame Lohan for illegal drug use in order to force her into a sobriety program if he were her father.[42] Pinsky responded in the same publication that his remark was intended as hyperbole and a “flight of journalistic excess”, not a suggestion as a treatment modality in any way. He stated his intent was to drive home the point about bringing negative consequences to bear for a person dying of addiction when all other options have been exhausted.”

It is an unfortunate side effect, in my opinion, that reality television affords us a bird’s eye view of people breaking down over their personal issues, but I also think it’s unfair to claim Dr. Pinsky is responsible for killing people who exited rehab worse for wear. I have heard great things about him, and not-so-great things about him. I was shocked by the statement, yet it led me to an article that made me think about celebrity and substance abuse and how we exploit people in the media. It is a marvel to me how news and entertainment have switched roles. It seems lately that if we want news, all we need do is watch a television show; and if we want theatrics, all we need do is watch the news.

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Author: Julie Meadows

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  1. Drew needed Adam to tell him to shut the hell up half the time. He’s so earnest it’s painful. I think he’s become a very wealthy celebrity doctor who sensationalizes minor celebrities who have addiction problems. Addicts die from addiction all the time… it’s sad. I’ve lost friends.

    What drew did was speak about the unspeakable. He used to answer questions people needed to hear and at the very least got them thinking.

  2. Don’t know why that went into moderation. It happens sometimes.

    We were passing a billboard yesterday and Doug said, “They will make a reality show out of anything.” Someone should film a bunch of monks meditating.

  3. He’s funny. I reallylikethe Doug&lydia show

  4. I among those that disapprove of Drew Pinsky. No reputable doctor could reasonably give a diagnosis of someone they have not thoroughly examined, yet, that hasn’t stopped him from doing so. I have many family members that are medical professionals (mostly nurses, some are doctors) and not one of them would go to that quack. Furthermore those rehab shows are a travesty because it is a blatant interference with the addiction treatment process.

    I hadn’t heard about all the deaths of the rehab show alumni, but it doesn’t surprise me at all. If nothing else it illustrates to me just how wrong it is.

    And yes, they’ll make anything into a reality show, as long as there is drama, violence, and/or sex.

  5. Interesting. I guess that’s the key. As a doctor, other professionals don’t approve, but as an entertainer, fans tend to like him; making him, essentially, an entertainment doctor.

  6. I have to admit, I used to like Dr. Drew when he did Loveline, but this rehab nonsense is just a ploy for him to get rich off of other’s pain and it makes me sick. Doug Stanhope nailed Dr. Drew for filth in his routine. These shows are straight up trash.

  7. “That’s right, Neil. Blame your father for your inability to focus. Direct all of that rage at me if it makes you feel better.” – Dr Finch

    I finally got the connection, duh… the scene with you and Jerrod making a hole in the kitchen ceiling was awesome! what a great movie… his brother wrote a book too. That was you guys, right? :)

  8. Man, how I LOVE that movie. Yes, it is we. :D

    Doug Stanhope’s a funny guy. I’ll have to look that up.

  9. Bullseye, Doug!!! too funny

  10. Stanhope v Pinsky is funny stuff.

  11. I agree with what he says about Drew, but Stanhope doesn’t know what the fuck he’s talking about regarding addiction. He should have shut up while he was ahead. Anyway, my wife was a big fan of Drews until the last couple of seasons when her rocker boys started to buy the farm. Now she can’t stand him. I myself hate reality t.v. with a passion – I have enough problems of my own. Anyway…what were we talking about? Luv ‘ya Lydia – keep on keepen’ on!
    P.S. When are you going to write a book? (Bio)

  12. The addiction part is not true, but I nearly pissed myself when he started talking about being a gynecologist that only caters to shaved, stinkless Norwegian pussy. LOL

    I don’t know. Everyone’s writing a book these days. If that can’t get a publisher they’re publishing through

  13. addiction should never be a spectator sport. Jennie said in her interview that nearly everyone on the show was after publicity. is anything as it appears to be?

    publishing is easy. the work will push you to the edge, as it should.

  14. Alex! I was worried you didn’t get my joke on the other post.

    I figure I’ll write an opus at the moment when I feel compelled beyond reason to do so. It will happen, I just don’t know when.

  15. Yah but you’re not everyone else! I think you have a unique perspective.
    I missed the gyno bit so I went back and listened again. Oh God! Shaved and stinkless huh???
    I could say something but I’ll refrain, I off to Norway to do research…where did I put my razor????

  16. “You’re talking to my guy all wrong…the wrong tone. You do it again and I’ll stab you in the face with a soldering iron.”-
    you mean Christopher Walken and the watch… I love that. I wasn’t feeling very funny last nite.

    you’ve written so much great stuff already… I just think you have something to say, someday.

    stinkless :)

  17. Yes, you must write a book. So do it! No procrastination. :)

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