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I was just saying yesterday, after posting a conversation with my friend “Christian” [link here], that I really need to find video of the Nina Hartley/Craig Gross debate. In case you don’t know, Nina Hartley is a porn legend and Craig Gross is co-founder of XXX Church, a soft anti-porn organization; soft because they don’t try to effect legislation to make porn illegal.

Answering my tweet, a Twitter friend sent links to The Great Porn Debate 2013. Excellent! And before I continue I’m going to take full credit for the title because I posted a piece entitled, The Current Great Porn Debates, to Mike South’s blog in October 2010; well before it was repurposed. *You’re wlecome* :D End. Of. Gloat.

Usually the debate happens between Craig Gross and Ron Jeremy. I saw an unnerving version of their debate on Nightline with Martin Bashir as the moderator, and I just have to say…. this is so much better! Nothing against Ron, but Nina’s is an incredible and distinct female voice and she makes points that really kill it, as far as I’m concerned. The first video is purely Nina. The second is Craig and he actually introduces his segment by talking about Ron’s surgeries and expressed regret at not being there.

I’ve mixed up the sequence here, because Craig’s should be first, but… I’m biased. What can I say? These are also incomplete, so maybe someone will record a version of this debate in its entirety and send me a link!


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  1. this is what an intelligent discussion sounds like.

  2. Woot! Woot! Oh Nina… Nina, Nina, Nina.

  3. A couple of reports on the debate:
    Nina «If you think what you see on the screen is real, you’re not smart enough to be in college»

    «Gross made stereotypical comments throughout the night and at one point got into a heated disagreement with an audience member.

    “It’s not like any of you are 16 and pregnant,” he said to the audience. “I assume none of you have kids.”

    This comment was met with silence and uncomfortable shifting in some seats. Why did he assume no one was a parent? Who would bring a child to a debate about porn? His statement seemed close-minded and arrogant, making him lose credibility.»

    «Gross lost more credibility when a student asked him to define pornography, and Gross said, “I know it when I see it.”

    Later Gross claimed to have never seen porn, calling into question whether he really did know what he was talking about.

    Hartley never spoke in anger. She was calm and collected, but on occasion would go on tangents about safe sex. She preached about sober sex and the definition of rape. Her tangents made the audience wonder if she knew what she was there to debate – sex or porn.»

  4. Interesting. The XXX Church website offers product that helps people stop masturbating. That’s a laugh. Talk about encouraging people to hate themselves. I’ll have to read these.

  5. I expected to find a bag of razor blades and sand :)… just books, stickers, t-shirts. Who would put “stop flogging the dolphin” on anything? how fucked up is that!?

  6. CM-Life: Sophomore Maegen Wallaker said she thought the event benefited by Hartley’s presence.

    “I thought it was powerful,” the Holland native said. “I appreciated that Nina Hartley was at the event; she kind of helped address the feminist view that was missing.”


    Now here’s an odd thing. states that “Gross founded, designed to help people overcome porn addiction. He strongly advocates the criminalization of pornography.” Yet in the video above he states that he does not do that. I spoke with Gross last year in a phone conversation and I remember him saying the same thing. I recorded it so I’ll go back and have a listen.

    “Even if the debate involved few facts and there was no clear winner, the open conversation about a controversial topic never would have happened otherwise. And for this, the students of Kutztown University truly benefited from the evening.”

    Ron and Craig’s debate is full of schtick. I would like to see this one in its entirety.

    Thank you, SeaKo!! For the link to the videos and the articles!!


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