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Anthony is not only a a porn fan, he’s a very outspoken sex-positive, pro-porn advocate. His two blogs are (personal), and The Blog of Pro-Porn Activism (with various contributors).

Hello Anthony!

How were you first introduced to porn and how did you feel about it?

My first intro to porn was through discovering the usual Playboy, Penthouse, and HUSTLER pictorals and stories; then graduating to more explicit mags like Cheri, Velvet, and High Society, as well as the cheap $2 explicit “quickie wank” story mags. In addition, I would also discover softcore porn through the Pay-Per-View and the late night adult fare from such channels as HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax, and also through The Playboy Channel and Spice. But, it was through the Internet that I ultimately discovered hardcore porn sites and videos. It was pretty much a normal progression for me, and I found it no more or less healthy than many other normal red-blooded American male.

What kind of porn do you prefer?

Basically, I’m a vanilla kind of guy…I’m intrigued by gay male porn and BDSM, but I’m more of a “straight but not narrow” sort of porn viewer…with a genuine bias towards progressive older women, Ethical Sluts, and MILF’s/Cougars.

Are there types of pornography that cross a line for you?

For me, if the performers aren’t getting full pleasure out of the act, it’s an instant turnoff. Also, anything that hints at deliberate attempts at pain or injury; anything involving human wastes (scat or golden showers); and, of course, anything hinting at underage or otherwise illegal porn.

Is there anything about porn that doesn’t arouse you?

When it’s done correctly, and everyone is into the sex, there’s nothing that’s not arousing. When it’s done poorly, as in when you can spot the boom cameras, or when the editing is so slipshod that you can tell when the director intervenes with the cuts and retakes, or when the background music sucks so bad that it detracts from the actual sex…well, that’s when the only arousal is anger and frustration and the only desire is to change the damn channel or reach for the “off” button!

The main thing that I am into is that there is genuine desire and that the performers are genuinely turned on and tuned into each other, or do a damn good convincing job of selling that chemistry to me. If you look like you’d rather be washing clothes or you just want to finish it so that you get paid and get to your latest blow party, then you really shouldn’t be there to begin with.

If you prefer not seeing condoms in porn, does knowing that condoms may enhance performer safety alter your preference?

I have no issue with seeing them; I’d prefer bareback because it’s far more of a turn on thinking about the raw sensation of skin-on-skin contact. However, if a performer insists on using one for safety’s sake, I have no objection whatsoever….it’s all about performer’s preference.

What do you know about existing performer safety protocols?

Considering that I’ve been reporting and blogging about performer safety and the condom mandate only for the past 3 years??  Quite a bit, for a layman and “civilian”. [lol]

If the AIDS Healthcare Foundation would relieve themselves of their Condom Nazi fetish and actually work with performers to develop a system of protection that respects performer choice and allows for a full regimen of STI protection, then perhaps there wouldn’t be such a controversy. AIM had a system that did its job adequately, even with all its faults; it is a crime that AHF and some agents were allowed to destroy it simply to promote their “condoms or get out’ policy.

Are you familiar with the condom mandate?

Very much so..and as opposed to it now as I was when the idea first came out. Not to the idea of performers choosing to insist on condom usage, but the government of other entities forcing mandatory usage on everyone as a condition of work. Especially, without the performers’ consent or input.

What do you think about fetishes? BDSM?

From an intellectual point of view?? I’m intrigued by the strange stuff that turns some people on. From a personal POV??  Not my bag…but, to each his or her own. As long as it gets everyone off, no one is coerced, and no one is physically harmed or injured; just don’t frighten the horses. (Frightening the prudes and wingnuts, on the other hand, is strongly encouraged.)

Do you feel you use porn in moderation? Your porn use is too frequent, or in any way unhealthy? Don’t really think about it?

Well….if by “moderation” you mean “maintaining a stash of nearly 1 terabyte of porn in my hard drive”…well, you can say that that is “moderation”. Sort of.

Maybe it’s because of my overall progressive belief system and the fact that I don’t make enough money to really splurge and cross the line into full blown “addiction”, but the thought of my porn usage becoming “unhealthy” or “addictive” never really crosses my mind. Probably it’s because I’m pretty damn selective in the porn I consume, and in the performers I follow and support.

Mostly, though, I go for pretty women getting off, either by themselves or with other pretty women and hard men. If she’s pretty, smart, and progressive, then that’s especially a crotch hardener for me. Most of the rest is more like, “Meh….next!!”

Do you feel porn has helped you in your relationships? Hindered your relationships? Neither? In what way?

I guess that question wouldn’t really apply to me, since I’m single and not currently in any relationship. Plus, I keep my porn usage to myself, and don’t share it with others unless they ask me about it and are OK with it. Those who don’t want to know, don’t need to know.

Are there types of porn you consider offensively racist?

Hmmmmm…..that depends on the intent of the producers. Porn that deliberately plays to some racial stereotypes that are potentially toxic and flammable (such as Blackface and “Yellowface”) are obvious nonstarters. I wouldn’t attempt to censor them, since I respect the First Amendment, but I would reserve my right to smack the hell out of them for playing those cards. On the other hand, though, no group is immune to self parody or satire, and porn that does poke fun at stereotypes of all groups that don’t go into full blown racist advocacy shouldn’t be suppressed under the name of fighting “hate speech”.

What criticisms do you have about the adult industry?

Do you have an hour or two, Lydia???

All smack aside, though, while I will remain as strongly pro-porn as I ever was, there’s always room for the industry to improve. Too much acceptance of theft through “tube sites” and “Bit Torrents”. Too much concentrated power in the hands of production companies and agents. Too much of the WRONG kind of government regulation, and not enough of the good kind that would actually help performers. No adult performers’ guild/union to assist them in getting their fair share of the pot. No innovation or creativity in production; too much dependency on refried and retreaded/outdated ideas templated and copied from Hollywood. No concept of patience to get the shoot done right rather than “right this instance because we gotta get paid.” More outreach to people of color and women, who will ultimately become porn’s most consistent consumers/defenders/fans. And, above all: upgrade the damn background soundtracks!!! The next time a hot scene gets snuffed by bad porn music in the background, I’m personally calling Gail Dines in myself!! [LOL]

Haha!! Anthony, you have got to work on developing an opinion, man. :D

Thank you for being so… thorough. I like the distinction when you say anything “hinting at underage or otherwise illegal porn.” That is very specific. And describing non-condom scenes as the “raw sensation of skin-on-skin contact”. I’ve never seen anyone articulate that until now.

I definitely agree there needs to be more outreach to people of color. All of your suggestions are good. More quality, less quantity. Amen!

Thank you, Anthony!!

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  1. Great Q & A’s, Lydia. I think these have been informative and were a great idea on your part.

  2. Thank you! I think starting a Q&A line with non-porn-star-sex-workers is also a good idea, too, if people are willing to answer questions anonymously. I’d like to know what escorts, for instance, think about their job; what they like; don’t like.

  3. ethical sluts… is that a typo? sounds interesting. 1TB… I’ve cracked a few computers for friends in the middle of breakups and divorce and was always fascinated to find that no matter the content, it was always perfectly filed.

    q&a for escorts. that’s gold.

  4. Agreed – unlike adult stars, escorts are not in front of the camera and instead focus on a certain clientele. They would likely be able to add a different perspective.

  5. Alex….”Ethical Sluts” is a reference to the Dossie Easton/Catherine Lisztt classic sex-poz book “The Ethical Slut”, which was my introduction into the concept of “sex-positive feminism.”

    I do agree with Adam and Alex on expanding the Q&A to include escorts and other sex workers. It would bring an interesting perspective, indeed.

  6. That is a book I have to read!

    I’ll have to send out feelers for escorts. Also interesting would be clients. Hmm…

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