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When I first read Tyler Knight’s blog, I was devastated–in a good way. His writing is graphic, to-the-point; unapologetically forward. I really wanted to interview him.

This interview is a departure from the On the Couch series and Porn Star Vignettes. There’s no focus on a ‘day in the life’ or it being anything other than a straightforward interview. Nonetheless, I’m adding it to the On the Couch catalog for now.

Much is discussed.

Tyler talks about getting into the adult industry, meeting bestselling author Tucker Max as a consequence of starting his blog in 2008, and his forthcoming memoir. Tyler discusses his views on the Measure B condom ordinance, women who charge more to work with black performers, and his criticisms of the industry–Manwin as the “vertically integrated Goldman Sachs of porn”, as well as performer agents who would push performers to work during a moratorium [last August--reference link here].

It’s refreshing to hear Tyler clarify that his blog is not a completely accurate representation of his entire time in the adult industry and that he doesn’t regret his career. It was a pleasure speaking with him on-camera and off.

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Author: Julie Meadows

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  1. Tremendous interview. Mr. Knight is very insightful and honest here and in no way comes across as bitter or opposed to the adult industry. Great job on your part as well, Lydia.

  2. Thank you, Adam! I’m glad I finally got to do this.

  3. Russian novelists, the condom debate, racism… and standing half naked in a set bathroom wondering what the hell just happened. :)

    the writing on your blog is so raw and powerful. a dose of reality in a crazy world.

  4. I just sent your comment to Tyler. Good interview, cool blog.

  5. WOW! Thank you Lydia for introducing us to him. Damn that man can write! I started following his blog and so many things he says really strike a chord (not the porn things obviously). The interview keeps coming up as “unavailable”, but I’ll try it again tomorrow. He just has such a voice that makes me want to read and read and have to force yourself to stop. I hope he will become better known. Thank you again.

  6. Unavailable? I just double checked to make sure it plays on my computer and it does. It’s set to “Public”. Let me know if you have issues tomorrow.

    He is a very good writer. I’m glad he explained that his writing is not wholly indicative of his time in adult. He had a toy contract, a movie contract. He was at the top of the talent pool. He’s states in the interview that he’s writing a book. I’m sure it will do very well.

  7. hearing him express what he has experienced, not only in his work, but in relation to his life, has been like finding the missing piece of a puzzle. it makes me sad to think of the many people who will probably never read or understand it.

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