Kink Movie Trailer: Very Abu Ghraib

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Sorry. I’m feeling like a smartass today. A hysterical anti-porn fundamentalist obviously has her thumb on the pulse of torture with an observation that James Franco’s movie, Kink, “tak[es] a cue from Dick Cheney’s playbook,” and violates the United Nations Convention Against Torture.

“Are you okay like that Jessie? You balance like that? Anything bad, anything pinching at all?”

“What if I’m going ‘Errrr!’ and you’re going ‘Ahhhh!’ Does that look like it hurts?”

Uh… Hmm…

Looks like an interesting documentary:

*Anti-kink article here.

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  1. [Interrogator to terrorist] “So, does make you feel like you’re drowning? Does it make you want to tell us your secrets, or just what you think we want to hear?”

    Yes! That absolutely sounds the people are taking a page right out of Cheney’s playbook. Wait, does that mean Dick Cheney makes porn?!


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