A few good articles: ABC News & Jezebel on “Ladyporn”


My title is a bit misleading because it’s actually a highlighted article and then a rebuttal to that article. But I think they’re both good because they cover two celebrated women in the adult industry today. They should definitely be read back-to-back.

The ABC News article, Romance Porn Lures More Women, With Loss of Shame, follows filmmaker Nica Noelle. It states that with porn like Nica’s–wider shots and meatier storylines–women are finally able to indulge in porn that caters to their more romantic senses.

“Edwardian-era costumes, seductive glances and repressed passions — this kind of visual storytelling has captured a new audience of women who are drawn to romantic period dramas with elaborate sets and rich dialogue.

No, it’s not “Downton Abbey”; it’s X-rated.

Nica Noelle, an articulate stripper-turned-film maker, is the queen of romance porn, a new genre that include characters of all ages who inevitably have real sex, but with softer, wider shots of lovemaking and not so much of pornography’s pumping.”

Nica is an established filmmaker and this is good publicity for her, but Jezebel’s Katie J.M. Baker challenged this idea that only “ladyporn” has gotten women (and only recently) interested in erotic imagery.

From Please Stop Trying to Make Ladyporn Happen:

“It’s awesome that some women are into Noelle’s porn. But blanket statements about what women currently and historically jill off to are getting really old. Calling Noelle’s work porn that “lures women without loss of shame” implies that women can only shamelessly enjoy porn that’s “romantic” and that all women were too afraid or turned off by other forms of erotica until now. It also insinuates that men are only into more hardcore porn and couldn’t possibly enjoy emotional erotica. Filmmakers like Noelle should definitely be profiled and it’s worth noting that there are different types of pornography out there, options that are easier to privately explore thanks to the internet and appeal more to some segments of the population. But why does it always have to be framed as “ladies be watching the porn”?”

It’s a great point and it quotes Jacky St. James–another important female filmmaker. [Jacky comments about Fifty Shades of Grey--so funny!!]

I never could have imagined there being this kind of discussion openly about female sexuality when I was an industry performer only so many years ago. “Brava!” to the women involved in this colorful and thrilling conversation.

And what better way to end a post about colorful and thrilling conversation than to link to a panel of women in porn conversing!

Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals organized and moderated a panel of six adult industry women at this year’s Adult Entertainment Expo.

To see the video, follow this link to her site at PVVOnline: PVV – video of “The New Normal – Women in Adult”!!

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  1. Damn! I should send this to the repressed idiots at my university who declined my Master’s Topic: How Women Would come to Revive Adult Entertainment in an Internet Age! I love and hate being ahead of the curve!!!

  2. I just listened to the Jacky show today… the sub/dom stuff is interesting… if you do that in Edwardian- era costumes does it become Ladyporn? :)

    I find most ‘Ladies’ have as crazy an imagination as men – just never ask and would be a little freaked out to know.

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