‘No on Measure B’ video from director Axel Braun

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Well, it’s irrefutable. Many in the adult community are pulling together to share the ‘No on Measure B’ message.

I received a comment yesterday under my post Successful ‘No To Measure B’ Media Blitz:

“What have the following written or spoken about Measure B: Amber Lynn, Teagan Presley, Jessie Andrews, Skin Diamond, Christy Canyon, Kiki Daire and Kimberly Kane? You have no links and I cannot find anything from them.”

My response:

“It is implied because they have retweeted ‘No on Measure B’ statements or endorsed the opposition it in some other way. In fact, I would add Jessica Drake to the list, at this point. Tweets and retweets may not be as powerful as a blog post, but it is still a statement, especially since most of these people use twitter to communicate with fans and colleagues daily–usually all day long.”

Since then Amber Lynn is listed as a supporting attendee at NO on Government Waste’s NO on Measure B Campaign Fundraiser this coming Monday [here], and Jessica Drake has adopted the ‘No on Measure B’ campaign logo as her twitter picture.


Now adult industry director Axel Braun offers this message, delivered by stars Tera Patrick and Ron Jeremy…

You may not like pornography, but it is a legitimate industry in California and employs many more than just the performers. I happen to know quite a few office employees that depend upon the business to fund their otherwise non-porn lives. Thousands of people could be displaced should this measure pass and the industry move.

To help, visit noongovernmentwaste.com and donate and follow their campaign-approved messages and overall efforts to help the industry fight this unnecessary and overreaching measure.

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  1. Well posted especially tees patrick

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