Successful ‘No To Measure B’ Media Blitz


During a one-hour media blitz today on Twitter, FaceBook and other media outlets, an incredible amount of people turned out to spread the message about their November vote: NO TO MEASURE B!

Our world is full of issues: human trafficking, homelessness, poverty, animal cruelty, etc. AHF will have you believe that making consenting adults wear condoms is a necessity in an already downtrodden economy. California budget cuts have been tremendous and our State doesn’t need this expensive, overreaching measure.

Performers want the right to choose, not to be forced to wear condoms or not wear condoms. This issue won’t end with the November ballot. The industry needs to wake up and make its voice heard regularly. Steven St. Croix’s rally to bring the industry together in a concerted effort saw a great turnout. I’m sure many traveling and working people who couldn’t participate appreciate the effort.

AHF will tell you that life after porn is very hard. It’s no harder than life after child stardom, or being in the financial industry after a market crash. It can make finding new work difficult, but use it as a character-strengthening tool to push forward in your life. Don’t give up, don’t blame others for your choices, and allow the experience to deepen your compassion and mold you in strengthening ways. Ask any of my openly gay friends what life is like after you tell and/or show the world what you are about sexually. People discriminate over these kinds of life choices, but with the kind of pride and unity I saw today, I feel that changes can be made to inform people and let them know adult industry people are human beings who contribute substantially to our economy. Driving it out, making it illegal, making it unsafe for people and encouraging criminals to take over is not the solution. We need less government, not more of it.

My personal thanks to all the the people I watched pass through my Twitter feed today!

My thanks to James Deen, Stoya and Tanya Tate for giving their unpaid attendance at a meeting on Measure B–here, and Steven St. Croix for his unpaid contribution in the form of two videos and multiple blog posts. And, as always, my thanks to those who constantly talk and write about wanting the right to choose: Kayden KrossRebecca BardouxAlia Janine,  Kylie Ireland,  Nina Hartley, Amber Lynn, Teagan Presley, Jessie Andrews, Skin Diamond, Christy Canyon, Kiki Daire, Kimberly Kane, Leya Falcon Jessica Drake…

For more information on how to contribute: &

Keep the effort going! #NOonGovernmentWaste @NoToMeasureB

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  1. What have the following written or spoken about Measure B: Amber Lynn, Teagan Presley, Jessie Andrews, Skin Diamond, Christy Canyon, Kiki Daire and Kimberly Kane?
    You have no links and I cannot find anything from them.

  2. It is implied because they have retweeted ‘No on Measure B’ statements or endorsed the opposition it in some other way. In fact, I would add Jessica Drake to the list, at this point. Tweets and retweets may not be as powerful as a blog post, but it is still a statement, especially since most of these people use twitter to communicate with fans and colleagues daily–usually all day long.

  3. I added a link for Amber Lynn and Jessica’s name. Jessica is sporting the ‘No on Measure B’ campaign logo as her twitter picture.

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