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Thanks to @YourAPHSS for the head’s up about the teleconference today. 

Here is the audio file I was able to capture, though attorney Michael Fattorosi promises an unedited video later today.

I’ve cut out the unintelligible bits, except for Fattorosi’s question about bareback companies beyond Los Angeles because Weinstein’s answer is clear.

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I will add ongoing commentary to this and replace it when able with a clearer version.

In a quick recap, Michael Weinstein of AIDS Healthcare Foundation plays two commercials created for the Measure B campaign up for vote in the November elections. He states he is proud to have Los Angeles County Medical Association endorsing the campaign, and then begins some propaganda speech about listening to County Health Officials and performers over “pornographers”.

Next he actually lies about the steps taken during the syphilis situation in Los Angeles by claiming that ONLY blanket antibiotic treatment was offered and NO testing.

Darren James speaks, then Derrick Burts, and I think it’s worth noting that Burts drops the AIM blame–AIM no longer even factors in now that they were annihilated as the industry’s trusted centralized testing facility through the constant litigation and campaigning of AHF–to say,

I actually felt more safe because I knew that by being in this industry I’d be testing monthly, which is something I wasn’t doing in my personal life.

Validation that the industry’s performers are safer than the general population.

But Burts fails to mention his escort ad–during his time as a performer–and that he refused to submit to a lie detector test about how he might have contracted HIV. He also has a lengthy trail of legal problems–well-documented, at this point, by several adult industry resources.

Also, Weinstein introduces Darren James and Derrick Burts as brave for coming forward about their HIV status, but these people did not come forward publicly on their own. Their HIV status was outed online. Those in the industry who have contracted HIV or syphilis, and whose identity remains confidential, have themselves chosen to avoid the limelight.

Next is Hayden Winters, a performer for roughly one year, who I am reading through industry information is actually a friend of Burts. She did not have much to say, actually.

Whitney Engeran-Cordova, senior director of public health for AHF, actually mentioned people tweeting about industry issues… which didn’t seem relevant since most people tweet to communicate about a great many things these days.

Regarding the commercials, Free Speech Coalition has posted an article on their blog entitled, No on Government Waste Committee Calls on AIDS Healthcare Foundation to Halt Illegal Measure B TV Ads:

“This ad featuring Derrick Burts and Darren James does not disclose that both men were well-compensated by AHF for their appearances, nor does the disclaimer meet state requirements for information, location and size in order to allow voters to be properly informed,” said James Lee, communications director for the No on Government Waste Committee. “If AHF does not remove this ad, nor make the necessary corrections, our only alternative is to file a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission and force them to abide by the law.”

The TV ad can be viewed here.

Lee disclosed that Derrick Burts had previously been in discussions with the No on Government Waste Committee seeking compensation of $10,000 in order to not appear in any AHF ads and campaign materials.

“Mr. Burts had previously been in discussions with us in order to be paid $10,000 by the opponents to Measure B. Even though he agreed to the amount and be paid, the Committee eventually decided not to complete the agreement, nor make any payments,” Lee said. “Burts had disclosed to us that AHF had previously paid approximately $7,500 for his support and he indicated he wanted more money. We can only assume that Mr. Weinstein met his demands for increased compensation after shopping himself around to the highest bidder.”

Read more here

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