A few good articles: Steven St. Croix & Kylie Ireland on Condoms

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The following post is an important and great read if you’re following information about the looming Los Angeles County ‘Measure B’ condom mandate.

Steven St. Croix is an adult industry veteran Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals and I recently had the pleasure of interviewing–link here. In the interview Steven talks about condoms and much more, but this post specifically hits some points home.

It’s not bad enough that Californis is roughtly 6.9 trillions dollars in debt, now we need this cumbersome law enforced on an already poor industry and state? A few highlights from, WILL THE ADULT INDUSTRY GET F*CKED IN THE ASS WITHOUT A CONDOM IN NOVEMBER?

But this time around, Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, has succeeded in getting the measure this far by participating in the biggest fraud in the last 30 years. The fraudulent concept that safe sex exists and can achieved in the ‘porn workplace’ through the use of condoms. He believes that forcing performers to wear condoms will reduce the numbers of infections, to what number I don’t know. He claims passing this measure would make it safe, not only for the workers in the industry but for the public as well. What exactly is he saying? That sex with a performer in the adult industry will have less risk level as someone who isn’t? Is he saying that the public is more conscientious about their sexual behavior and health than the adult industry? The only way to lower your risk is to abstain from sex. Period. Is this what he is saying? Is he promoting abstinence like the Catholic Church does? The way I see it, he doesn’t have his story straight.

Weinstein said Wednesday, “This industry is sending out the wrong message about safer sex.” I guess we are, along with Hollywood studios, sending out the wrong messages when celebrating unprotected teen sex, drug use and alcohol abuse in blockbuster movies such as X Factor, 21 Jump Street, Superbad, Dazed & Confused, and Easy A. But you don’t see anyone trying to get condoms to be shown all the time in every sex scene in every movie. It’s because it’s entertainment. Like boxing, football and MMA. There are protocols in place to diminish the risk of infections, injury or death for the officials and participants and but in the end there is only so much you can do. That is why these athletes and their agents negotiate such big paydays for them. They know the risk and they choose to make their own choice as to what they want to do.

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Kylie Ireland, another industry veteran, also has some opinions to share with a twitter antagonizer in a post entitled, A few thoughts on condoms/testing in porn:

I have performed on HUNDREDS of ‘gonzo’ sets and have DIRECTED over 50 gonzo titles. All talent I worked with/hired always had the required PCR/DNA HIV STD tests, good within the mandatory 30 day time. If they didn’t, I wouldn’t work with them (as a performer), nor would I allow them to perform on my set (as a director). Even if I had worked with them before or if they were a friend.

What, do we need a fucking babysitter? And mandatory condoms are going to protect us from all this evil? Then by all means, shut down all the testing systems and go condoms only. For your information the business has gone through periods of condom-only shooting and survived just fine. Listen, we all know this bullshit is going on in an effort to make it look like the government, the state, the city, whatever…actually appear like they CARE, but they don’t … The bottom line here is that adult performers are well aware of the risks of what they do, which is why we adhere to our mandatory system of ridged testing. Companies, performers, directors all care about themselves enough to take precautions to the extent we feel necessary.

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I suggest reading the articles in their entirety on Steven and Kylie’s blogs, and I’ve started a category here that caters to actual sex worker blogs because this all comes down to (or at at least should come down to), what the work force wants. Whether past or present, actual performers are the voices that should be heard and respected; people in the trenches putting themselves out there constantly to work for various producers. If you know of someone with a blog not listed on this site, please let me know and help me add to the pool of information!

To help the Free Speech Coalition in its campaign against Measure B, follow their updates here!!

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