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I am very proud to announce mine and Dr. Chauntelle’s joint venture in our podcast series, The Dr. Chauntelle & Lydia Lee Show (we flip our names around on a whim–ha!!). Collectively we are The Geek Goddesses:

Dr. Chauntelle is one of the best people I’ve ever met. She’s intelligent, thoughtful, sincere and passionate about life and learning. She manages her own blog at, is a Visiting Scholar in USC’s Department of Sociology, and is a published author: Stanford Law and Policy Review. I love talking to her anyway–critical thinker that she is–so being able to highlight conversation through a podcast is thrilling, to say the least!!

Our conversation includes–but is not limited to–culture, news, sexuality, adult industry issues, etc.. We have podcasts posted already under “Lost Episodes”, and we have a debut podcast–just published–so dive in!

I, personally, feel very lucky. This year, so far, has been amazing. Dean Capture took beautiful pictures of us (I love you Dean!!!), and I feel a huge growth process has happened in me since beginning my internal/writing journey from 2009 to now. I’m excited about this podcast and excited about the future. We hope to further give performers a platform to be heard, since so many of the adult industry’s current issues revolve around them. It’s going to be an epic journey and I hope you will share it with us!!

I also want to add that there’s a major theme going about free speech and apathy towards industry issues. Dr. Chauntelle was featured in a July 4th article at which asked several industry people three separate questions: Which free speech activist, past or present, has inspired you the most, and why? What industry threat has affected your business the most, and why? Do you think the adult industry will have more or fewer free speech rights in five years? Link here.

Porn has always been on the front lines of free speech. You have to be careful allowing people to start slapping laws on everything. To illustrate my point I’m also highlighting an article at XBiz by industry attorney Greg Piccionelli–link here. 18 U.S.C. § 2257 and 18 U.S.C. § 2257A are examples of how incredible laws can get just because of one person’s negligence. The laws are cumbersome and complicated and difficult to understand and implement. I know. I was a Custodian of Records for four years.

Dr. Chauntelle and I cover this in our latest podcast, but I just really want to encourage industry members to attend or watch the meeting tomorrow. Between the condom mandate, testing wars and the multitude of things that really only a few people are going to court over and addressing on a daily basis, this is an opportunity to participate in a discussion that no one can afford to dismiss. And it’s streaming live, so there’s no excuse for missing it. Details at FSCBlogger! :D

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  1. My oh my how I’ve gotten to watch this Thing Grow over the past couple of years. And glad I got to be able to put my quarky two-bits in occasionally.

  2. Ha!! Yes. You have been here through most of is DH! I’ve made some awesome online friends, I must say. :)

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