A few good articles: FSC on Condom Ordinance and Alana Evans on Dr. Drew


The Free Speech Coalition released on May 2nd, Part 1 of a “three-part series designed to clarify the mandatory condom regulation activity in the City of Los Angeles, Los Angeles County and the state of California.” It’s a timeline and very helpful to anyone new to the issue and catching up on what’s going on. Here’s an excerpt.

FSCBlogger.com, “Condom Ordinance Update” – Part One (SFW):

What is the Status of the LA City Mandatory Condom Ordinance for Adult Productions?

Early in 2011, AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) brought the issue before the Los Angeles City Council. The council voted down the proposed regulation because the City Attorney deemed that it was a state issue and that the city had no jurisdiction. On July 20, 2011, in an unprecedented act, CalOSHA sent a letter to the city of Los Angeles stating that the city does have jurisdiction because the city “does not seek to enact an occupational health and safety standard but rather a public health standard applicable to any film activity (regardless of employment relationship) within the city boundaries”.

On Thursday December 1, 2011, AHF submitted 70,000 signatures to the Los Angeles City Clerk’s office to put an initiative on the June ballot that would tie the provision of film permits with a regulation mandating condoms on adult production sites. It is estimated that AHF spent at least $350,000 for paid signature gatherers to get the initiative on the ballot.

Late December of 2011, the Los Angeles City Attorney filed suit against AHF arguing that putting the proposed initiative on the ballot would be too costly for the City–$4.4 million. Furthermore, the City Attorney argued that the initiative would be a waste of taxpayer funds because the jurisdiction rests at the state level and that the initiative is likely unconstitutional.

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Unfortunately, I did not get to see the entire interview, but the available clip of Alana Evans questioned by Dr. Drew showed her poised, clear and sounding very much like a good mother. I appreciate intelligent women like Alana, Kayden Kross, Nina Hartley, Sunny Leone et. al. for showing the world that a sex worker can be engaging, thoughtful and non-hysterical. And I like the Huffington Posts’ take on it, but rather than share an excerpt of the story, here’s a very bright comment from one of the readers.

HuffingtonPost.com, “Alana Evans, Porn Star, Discusses Motherhood, Parenting On Dr. Drew’s HLN Show (VIDEO)”:

I actually watched Dr. Drew that night and thought that Alana was really centered. What I liked about her was that she said she had been really upfront with her son about it as soon as he was able to understand. She then said that when he was about 12 years old, older boys from the school’s football team had asked him if his mother was a pron star and he said that she was. There was no further problem because she had prepared him for that day. the other woman, Shelley Lubben, said she hid it from her child and her child grew up thinking mom was a movie star (I wonder if she ever went to the movies), until the day she found one of her mother’s tapes. IMO, that’s why the child was so hurt, because of the lie. I’ve taught children whose mothers were prostitutes and the majority were very good moms who made it a point to stay informed on their kids’ education.

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