On The Couch with Lydia Lee: Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals


I am so happy to post this! First of all, Dr. Tibbals (Goddess Chauntelle), was such a pleasure to talk to that I had to change the memory card on one of the cameras. Secondly, because I have posted so many things on my YouTube channel, I can now upload videos beyond the fifteen-minute time limit. That makes me very happy because it solves a time problem I was having with one of mine and Doug’s “Out and About” videos. SQUEEEEE!!!

Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals, a.k.a. Goddess Chauntelle,  is someone I am very happy to know. She’s intelligent, eloquent, and a very engaging conversationalist. Basically, she is beautiful inside and out.

Dr. Tibbals explains how she became interested in exploring the truth about the Los Angeles-based adult industry; social constructs, stereotypes and gender issues; feminism and individual life perspectives; cultural biases and insensitivities towards men and women. Enjoy!


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Author: Julie Meadows

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  1. I love reading her blog and our discussions from time to time on the industry. Chauntelle is just awesome and a hottie too boot.

    She and I are friends too and I told her that it was a good thing I wasn’t in her class because I would probably end up failing do to lack of concentration lol.

  2. She’s great. I enjoyed this conversation so much I really didn’t want to stop!

  3. I have only made it to Part IV (damn responsibilities!), but it’s SO easy to see that you guys hit it off.

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