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I added this yesterday, but it’s so good in the way of breaking down the non-facts of anti-sex worker arguments that I wanted to post it as its own article to make sure it gets seen. I think one of the reasons no one wants to “debate” Shelley Lubben is because she babbles and she doesn’t base any of her arguments in “fact.” Her entire story is built on a house of cards that falls with only a light breeze. She caught “non-curable herpes” as a porn performer, except that she admits to having unprotected sex as a prostitute while she performed, and that “God” “cured” her of herpes. She tries to embarrass Nina Hartley and discredit her in an article on her site, but Nina is a registered nurse with a degree from an accredited school with over twenty years experience as a porn performer while Shelley’s only degree is from a non-accredited school and her experience is limited to twenty movies. Anyway, I’ll add more sub pages under the Anti-Sex Worker Info page, and I’ll continue to research groups and dissect their arguments. If you know of any that I may not know about, send me a email, please. Thank you!!


Part of the very questionable goings on of these anti-sex worker groups are the “facts” they claim, when their foundation fact that “God” heals all, is not a fact, at all. Everything from that point on is fishy, and dissolves into “He” said/she said whatnot. Take what I’ve compiled on Pink Cross Foundation, so far…


On both Shelley Lubben’s and Pink Cross Foundation’s site are obituaries for Ami Jordan and Shawn Ricks, that were plucked straight from the AVN website not long after they were published. The Ami Jordan obit is unapologetically stolen, with no editorial credit directed back at AVN’s writer, Peter Warren, just a mention that Ami’s director answered some questions in an AVN interview. The obit, with its limited information accuses “porn” of killing her. The same goes for Shawn Ricks.

Of Ami Jordan, “Submitted by shelleylubben”:

“19 year old porn star Ami Jordan passed away in her sleep last Friday, June 11.

Jordan’s time in porn was cut short in the industry after entering porn in 2008 and appearing in only about 20 movies. A memorial service for friends and family will be held Tuesday evening in her Tennesee hometown.

Jordan worked for adult companies including Hustler Video, Vivid Entertainment, Red Light District, Immoral Productions and Lethal Hardcore.

Did the lethal and toxic porn industry kill her?

Type 9 Models owner Kevin Kline, the agent who represented Ami throughout her time in the industry, says in AVN interview: “She had a problem with pills, and she asked me to help monitor that usage of pills and what she was taking.”

Agents and pornographers acting as doctors? Isn’t that illegal? Did her agent knowingly send her to do scenes while she was under the influence of drugs?

Her agent Kline also admits that this pill addiction was likely to blame. “I can tell you that I have my suspicions of exactly what happened, and my guess is that she took too many of them,” he said. “But that’s just speculation, for sure.

“She was a super sweet girl. Always a good girl.”

A super sweet girl who had no idea what she was getting into and that she would die at age 19 in the porn industry. This abuse must stop. Please do YOUR part and stop viewing pornography and contributing to deaths like Ami’s.

Please pray for Ami’s family. They are devastated.”

Everything in red comes from Shelley or someone from the Pink Cross Foundation camp. The story is reworded, too, from the original AVN article, but the opinions are clearly separated.

But it does leave out the entire article. What is left out is what is revealing about the misinformation here.

From AVN, “Posted by Peter Warren”:

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—AVN has confirmed that starlet Ami Jordan passed away of unknown causes last Friday, June 11, at the age of 19.

Jordan entered the adult industry in 2008 and appeared in only about 20 titles. She was laid to rest by surviving friends and family in a memorial service Tuesday evening in her Tennessee hometown.

Among Jordan’s limited credits are titles from major studios including Vivid Entertainment Group, Hustler Video, Jules Jordan Video, Vouyer Media, Red Light District and New Sensations.

Jordan had not performed in some time because she was under probation in Tennessee on an underage DUI charge, according to Type 9 Models owner Kevin Kline, who represented her throughout her time in the industry.

“She was planning on returning as soon as [the probation] was over,” Kline told AVN. “She always kept in contact with me through text or phone call. She was a wonderful girl, easy to be around, always liked to go to work, always wanted to work. Got in a little bit of trouble with a typical young girl DUI, but always good. Never missed a shoot, never one.”

Kline said he was first introduced to Jordan by “a small-time shooter in Vegas, he referred her to us. When he called me about her, he said, ‘You have to meet this girl with these most amazing boobs that I think I’ve ever seen,’ and I said, ‘Well then I’m interested in meeting her.’ So I flew her into L.A. from Vegas, and she started working right away and was nothing but a great girl to represent.”

Jordan did, however, struggle with one demon, Kline said: “She had a problem with pills, and she asked me to help monitor that usage of pills and what she was taking.”

Though no cause of Jordan’s death has yet come to light, Kline did suggest that this pill addiction was likely to blame. “I can tell you that I have my suspicions of exactly what happened, and my guess is that she took too many of them,” he said. “But that’s just speculation, for sure.

“She was a super sweet girl. Always a good girl.”

Of the question posed by the anti-sex industry article, “Did the lethal and toxic porn industry kill her?” it looks like pills, most likely killed her.

The problem with presenting an entire industry as a mass murdering machine is that it is not based in fact. We can all agree that the earth is, in fact, not flat, because it has been proven, but if you can’t scientifically prove that “God” exists, you can’t call that a fact, and the “sex industry” does not murder people, because “the sex industry” cannot be pinpointed as a single entity that holds guns, and pills, and other lethal weapons to anyone’s physical body. Kevin Kline never stated that he did, in fact, monitor Ami Jordan’s drug intake, while Shelley Lubben has, in fact, stated that she has monitored another model’s medicine cabinet, though she is not certified to do anything professional except educate and counsel on purely Christian-related subjects, and her certification does not even come from an accredited college.

The Shawn Ricks obituary is the same, minus the plagiarized information.

Of the Shawn Ricks article, “Submitted by shelleylubben”:


46 year old Porn performer/director Shawn Ricks, died from self-inflicted wounds on June 26.

Rumors were reported that Ricks was taking Ambien for a sleep disorder and that it may have contributed to his suicide, but his wife Liz doubted there was a connection.

Ricks appeared in over 100 xxx movies and directed more than 80 of them.

This is the 11th suicide that we know of since 2005 in the porn industry. No other industry holds this kind of record for suicides. Not even the music industry which is at least ten times bigger than the porn industry.


Everything in red is opinion, not fact. It is the smoke and mirrors game of people with nothing but speculation to go on. Again, what is telling, is what is left out of the article.

From AVN, “Posted by Mark Kernes”:

Veteran performer/director Shawn Ricks, who appeared in more than 180 adult movies and directed more than 80 of them, was found dead on Saturday, June 26, of self-inflicted wounds. He would have been 47 on Aug. 3.

Ricks’ career in adult began in 1993, ironically appearing in the movie Alex Jordan’s First Timers 1. (Jordan herself committed suicide just 15 years ago today.) Though he worked for most of the major production companies, Ricks rarely had starring roles in his movies, but until his final hardcore scene in 2001 in Heatwave’s Doin’ Da Nasty 3, he was considered a reliable cocksman, and he continued to direct features until well into 2005.

After Ricks developed a drinking problem, and was no longer able to find work in adult, he took a break from the industry and left the Los Angeles area for three years—but according to his wife, Liz, Ricks got his life back on track during the hiatus and was looking forward to new projects.

Asked if Ricks had been depressed before his death, Liz responded, “No, he was doing fantastic. Over 10 years ago, he shattered his heels because he was playing good Samaritan and retrieving a football for some kids, and he fell back and broke both his heels. The surgeon had said he’d never walk again, but he did, and of course he was in chronic pain, but on Wednesday, we went to the doctor and he got cortisone shots in his heels and he was doing fine. He was enrolled in classes and there was no indication of anything. His life was on track.

“He was getting his act together,” she continued. “He was working out, losing weight; until recently, he was rehabilitating dogs. He was their last hope; if he couldn’t rehab them, they would have been put to sleep. So he worked with different groups that took in rescue dogs, and he would rehab the dogs and help them get adoptable. Then he decided he wanted to go back to school, and he had the opportunity to do so, and he was getting into web design because he wanted to put his product out on the web.”

According to Deloras Sullivan, a family friend and wife of the late Henri Pachard, Ricks had left messages on her answering machine while she was in the hospital.

“The messages basically said, ‘Hey, girl, I’m getting ready to do so many things. Give me a call,’” Sullivan told AVN. “And we were talking about going down and shooting some comedy on the streets of Hollywood. He also wanted to get into doing stand-up at local clubs.”

Reports had surfaced that Ricks had been taking Ambien to help him sleep, and that that may have contributed to his suicide, but Liz doubted any connection.

“You know what?” she said of his alleged Ambien use. “I don’t know, but it doesn’t matter because it’s not going to bring him back.”

Ricks is survived by his wife, their two dogs, as well as an older brother, two older sisters and several nieces and nephews living in the Chicago area.

“He lived his life to the fullest until his cup was running over, and he did it his way,” his wife tearfully eulogized.”

So, he’d been out of the industry for at least three years and suffered physical pain due to a non-porn-related injury. All of that was conveniently omitted.

So, again, we have “GET THE FACTS,” in our face at the end of the article, but not all the facts were provided, and the piece started with “PORN KILLS,” which is not a fact, it’s an opinion. Then we have the statement, “This is the 11th suicide that we know of since 2005 in the porn industry. No other industry holds this kind of record for suicides. Not even the music industry which is at least ten times bigger than the porn industry.” There’s no reference for this statement, so I’m left to do my own research, which is never a good sign when an article tells you to “GET THE FACTS,” and then doesn’t tell you where they are getting a statement, by the way it is posed, so that we understand their “facts.”

I can’t take it as a factual statement with no reference for the statement. My own searches on the internet show no conclusive data to point to suicide rates within particular industries. An article from American Psychological Association entitled, Suicide by Profession: lots of confusion, inconclusive data, from January 2001 explains:

“Police officers end their lives more often than those in other professions, right? Or is it dentists? Or psychologists?

Assertions about which occupational group has the most suicides float around like urban myths.

Various occupational groups have called the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), each to confirm that their occupation has the highest rates of suicide, says Jim Weed, NCHS analyst.

But experts on suicide say that statistics on its relation to occupation are not clear. There is no national data set on occupation and suicide. Local studies indicate elevated rates in different occupations, but the data usually “turn out to be frail,” says prominent suicide researcher David Clark, PhD.

And in fact, points out Ronald Maris, PhD, director of the Center for the Study of Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior at the University of South Carolina, “Occupation is not a major predictor of suicide and it does not explain much about why the person commits suicide.”

One of the largest studies in the area was conducted by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in 1995, which concluded that there is a higher suicide rate in the medical field. But beyond that, NIOSH researchers said, the picture is equivocal: Often the studies are only of one geographic area, sometimes they have methodological problems, and sometimes they contradict each other.

That’s in great part because the statistics are surprisingly difficult to gather. Only about half the states put occupation on their death certificates. And even when they do, there are questions as to whether the physician, medical examiner or coroner filling in the certificates always gets the occupation or the cause of death right.

In addition, statistical conclusions are hampered by the fact that when the 30,000 annual U.S. suicides are divided into occupations, the numbers for many job categories are relatively small.

Some larger studies in the last few years provide at least some thought-provoking questions about connections between jobs and suicide. For example, in 1997, NIOSH and other government agencies analyzed 1980-84 death certificates by all occupations and causes of death, and found statistically significant elevated rates of suicide for:

  • White male physicians.
  • Black male guards (including supervisors, crossing guards, police, protective service occupations, but not correctional institution occupations).
  • White female painters, sculptors, craft-artists and artist printmakers.

In another study, a sociology researcher at the University of California, Riverside, Augustine Kposowa, PhD, looked at records over nine years for about half a million people of whom 545 committed suicide. After controlling for such variables as age, income, race, marital status and region of residence, he found that only laborers and the unemployed had significantly higher risks.

On the other hand, he found “dramatic” differences for suicide among the industries where people work. At highest risk were those in mining, business and repair services, wholesale and retail trade and construction.

In the end, say some researchers, occupation may not be much of a factor in suicide. Psychologists have long documented that among the top predictors for suicide are diagnosable mental disorder, co-morbid substance use, loss of social support and availability and access to a firearm.”

If I want something more up-to-date, if I Google “suicide by profession America 2010″, the first two links refer to “assisted suicides”, the third talks about British veterinarian suicides, and the fourth refers to the article I just posted above from American Psychological Association. Again, what is presented in conjunction with “GET THE FACTS” is not fact. At this rate, without specific numbers, we don’t even know how much bigger the music industry is compared to the adult industry.

And then there is the Dead Porn Star Memorial Video.

This is a clever ruse, but it is still a ruse. This is not so different from hearing “God” and speaking “The Word” through someone, which is unprovable. It’s still based in fairy tale, except that we can all agree that these people were once real people. That is the only difference, though.

It is impossible to know all of the details and reasons for a suicide unless someone leaves a note, and it cannot be proven that “porn kills people,” because “porn” is not a single entity that can hold a weapon to a physical person’s body. The angle here is to take the emotions one feels about suicide as a sad and tragic event, to take the imagery and music and make anyone watching feel that the porn industry killed them. But this is not a fact.

According to my Oxford Dictionary of Current English, the definition for “suicide” is: “intentional killing of oneself.” In essence, a person who commits “suicide” kills their self, alone, and without help from physical outside forces, otherwise it would be a suicide-assist, or murder. The emotional ruse here is that by absolving these people of intentionally killing themselves, which they did, and placing the suicide as a murder committed by the porn industry, the overall outcome is to elicit the feeling that if the mass murdering machine that is “the porn industry” is just stopped, porn actors will no longer be murdered. You can’t absolve a person of the responsibility of their own murder by suicide. And, you cannot say, in fact, what the cause is, because only that person knows the reason(s) why they finally took their own life. By proposing to know the minds of people you’ve never met, you are assuming supernatural powers, and still, if you can’t prove what you know, it isn’t a fact. It’s a theory, or a guess, or something else.

Not only that, but there are people in the video whose deaths aren’t proven to be suicide. According to this article, Kristi Lynn had a propensity for driving too fast. A man named Jeff Marton – stated as having been an employee at Evil Angel – says that, at the time of her death, she was recording a rhythm and blues album. There was another woman in the car, so to say she committed suicide is also to accuse her of murder. I love to drive too fast, but over the years I have learned that it is too dangerous to risk. Kristi Lynn veered off of Las Virgenes Road. The canyon road I used to drive on at 80+ miles per hour was Kanan Dume Road, the very next canyon road west of Las Virgenes Road. It is a long stretch of road that is fun to drive too fast on, but had I ever lost control of my car and died driving on that road, because I’ve been in the adult industry, I’d have a picture on Shelley Lubben and Pink Cross Foundation’s websites stated as having been murdered by “porn.” Unless someone went out of their way to defend me and say that my Dad was a race car driver, and that that was the reason that I liked driving fast, who would question the “fact” that “porn killed me?” Kristi Lynn’s obituary does not state that she committed suicide, but that she died in a car accident.

A porn star named “Lollipop” died of a heart attack. I can’t find anything on the internet that elaborates on this, but heart attacks are common and heart problems are often hereditary. Are we to assume the porn industry is also to blame for accidental deaths and deaths due to natural causes?

The “Memorial” video states that transgender performer “Karen Dior” died of cirrhosis of the liver and AIDS. His wikipedia page states that he died of hepatitis. Nothing I can find states that he contracted HIV as a performer.

Susanna Britton’s named is misspelled in the video and states that she committed suicide, but everything on the internet says that the cause is “unknown.” That seems very odd to me.

“Charlie Waters hacked to death by a client in 1989.” – That’s not porn, that’s prostitution, and yet another good reason to decriminalize it and protect prostitutes and clients.

Anna Malle is included in this video, but again, her death is by car accident. The Los Angeles Times website links to a story about the road the accident occurred on because, according to ReviewJournal.com,

“At least 17 people have died in auto wrecks since July 1 on Route 160 between Las Vegas and Pahrump in Nye County. The latest traffic death on the road occurred Wednesday, when a 37-year-old woman suffered fatal injuries in a crash on Route 160 just west of Rainbow Boulevard around 11:44 a.m.

The woman, whose name had not been released Wednesday night, was a passenger in a westbound Dodge Stratus that appeared to be attempting a U-turn when it entered the eastbound traffic lane and was broadsided by a pickup. The car’s driver survived, the Nevada Highway Patrol said.

It was just the latest example of how the mostly two-lane desert road has gotten more deadly as it has seen a surge in overall traffic because of the burgeoning residential development of the southwestern Las Vegas Valley. Police have called the narrow road unforgiving to careless or distracted drivers.”

“Brittney Madison died in a tragic car accident 2005.”

“Lori Michaels died from heart defect on May 7, 2007.” – According to this article, she’s still alive, but regardless, a heart defect as a murder weapon of the porn industry is just too weird to elaborate on.

“Cole Ryder died of a staph infection on July 31, 2008.” – An ex-handyman at my apartment woke up one morning with a staph infection. Half his head had ballooned to twice its normal size. The doctor told him if he’d waited any longer to go to the hospital, he would have died. My mother-in-law also got a bad staph infection. Staph infections are highly contagious. Neither of these people have ever been in the sex industry.

But then the entire video is now suspect because they got one wrong.

Jon Dough died by hanging himself in 2006. The “Memorial” video states, “Jon Dough committed suicide from drug overdose in 2006.” I haven’t even been double checking every single name in the video, at this point, but getting even one so-called fact wrong makes me wonder about its validity at all as a source of information, not to mention the way car accidents and heart attacks have, so far, been skewed to point at the adult industry as the real cause of death for some of these people. That is a proven lie. Interestingly enough, Shelley Lubben got it right on her website, but that she got it wrong in the video makes her already suspect presentation of “facts” looks really sloppy.

“Lynden Thomas died from an asthma attack in 2007.” … An asthma attack…

“Andy Dill died of meningitis on December 6, 2006.” … Meningitis

It states that Jasmine Grey died in a car accident. According to this article,

“Reports from the Akron (Ohio) Beacon Journal say that she was driving her 2003 Chevrolet Cavalier when it went off the left side of the road, slid through a snow-filled ditch and struck a tree. Two other friends of hers were in the car and died as well.”

“Lea De Mae died of brain cancer in December, 2004.” – I didn’t know porn caused “glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.”

“Brett Mycles died from a heart attack due to use of Steroids.” – His wikipedia page reads,

“He died in his sleep of heart failure on February 25, 2007. Weeks beforehand, family and friends report that he complained of irregular heart beats and said that his family had a history of heart problems.”

“Cody Foster died of liver cancer January, 2007.”

“Zoey Zane was murdered in November, 2007.” – It was not during a scene or an escort job. She had been drinking with a man in a bar and left with him, according to this from cbsnews.com.

“Vanessa Freeman murdered by prostitution client in 2007.”

“Haus Weston died of a heart attack in December, 2007.”

Many are listed as suicide and HIV-related, while not specifying which of the “overdoses” were accidental, whether or not the victims of HIV contracted the virus in or out of the industry, what sort of problems these people had outside of their work in adult entertainment. Without even investigating every single performer presented in this video I found a lot of incomplete data, and one is altogether false.

This is not to belittle the tragedy of death in any way, merely to point at the propaganda tactics meant to immediately engage your emotions to the underlying agenda to make the adult industry illegal. If their arguments against the adult industry are the silent voices of deceased performers, mostly opinion-based information without references to where they are getting their information, and spun “facts” stolen from other information sources, how much good is this organization really doing? Only the actual facts can tell us.

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  1. People die. people have addictions and they die from them. people have car accidents and they die…

    there’s plenty of people who work regular jobs all day and drink all night ’cause they hate it so much… maybe we can start a nonprofit for them too.

    Not everyone is a victim… there are as many reasons why as there are people in the world. We all make choices and then we adapt and make more. It’s an imperfect world.

    The Mormons are baptizing dead people… %$#@ them! Who asked them to do that?!!!!

  2. No doubt! Easy to manipulate dead and invisible people. If there really were a “God”, she would be pretty upset at the harm others do in the name of what’s “righteous.”

  3. So much talk of “God”

    god isn’t this dude that makes the world “fair and balanced” (that’s a FOXNews reference for ya’ll)

    creation and the universe has it’s own laws and doesn’t care what we think. we are specs of dust spinning around a star… what’s fair? and who is this “God” we keep hoping will save us… there’s natural law and we fit within it. things are not as random as we think but it’s foolish to believe we can grasp a force so much greater than us. Love and try not to hurt anybody if you can.

  4. Good work Julie, I think it’s particularly shameless propaganda to use images (and misinformation) about the deceased to push an agenda. The people in that video were primarily human beings to the most important people in their lives, their loved ones, not pornstars.

    On the herpes side…I find the fact that she hooked for years and then complained about a short career in porn giving her herpes (zomgz a non-curable disease!!), frankly hilarious.

    I have genital herpes, many people do, and I’ve never (to my knowledge) slept with an ex or current sex-worker nor been in the industry myself.

    There’s a website ironically named http://www.thefacts.com.au that educates about causes, symptoms and treatment of herpes that states:

    ” 1 in 8 adult Australians have it. It is so common that you can catch it even if you’ve only had a few sexual partners. In fact, it could take just one sexual partner to catch it.”

    and further:

    “it can also occur through close skin to skin contact with the genital region, so you don’t necessarily have to have sex to get it”


  5. But that’s the truth! Most American’s have it, too. At this point, as far as “Miss God Saved Me From Herpes,” I’d need proof to believe anything she has to say. Anything! She’s a liar that doesn’t care about anybody.

  6. Lol also I was going to mention…there’s a car I’ve seen driving around my area, a volkswagen beetle that seems to be a promotional vehicle for herpes(!!?).

    It’s got a big red love heart on the side, with writing “Herpes the Love Bug” and the license plate is “herpes” lol…I dunno what it’s about but I’ve always wondered.

  7. :) I am not anti sex worker. I am just anti sex at the moment! LOL!! CELIBACY ROCKS! (I am going to have t shirts made with that logo on them)…not really). :P
    Being celibate for me,(by choice) means I don’t have to worry about contraception, Herpes, HIV, and all the other STD’s and emotional problems that go along with the act itself. Let me give you an example.
    Earlier this year, a female friend of mine who I have known for years (who isn’t in the industry)had to have a termination as she STUPIDLY had sex with some random guy she met at a nightclub WITHOUT ANY contraception. This was the height of stupidity. The guy’s excuse was that he “didn’t have any condoms on him” I mean, WTF??? How about going to an all night garage and picking some up??
    Her excuse was that they were drunk and didnt know hwat they were doing. Again…WTF??
    So, because abortion is banned in Ireland she had to travel to England to get it privately and had to pay £490 as well. It is available under the English Healthcare System for free, but the waiting lists are longer.
    It makes me angry that a) abortion is not available in my country, and b) someone could neglect theri physical and mental health in such a way.Not to mentino run the risk of contacting a posssible deadly disease.
    I believe too, that anyone in the adult industry should be treated with respect, contraception should be used,or at least provided on set, regular testing for STD’s, and a union should be set up to protect their rights.
    I would like to see what Shelley Lubben is doing in those respects. (when she isn’t drunk and shouting incoherently). :P

  8. “Herpes the Love Bug???” lmao! Um… That is weird. If you find out will you please let me know? That is pretty interesting. Maybe they do free testing out of their car? lol!!

    Angel, there are sooooo many people who do that sort of thing. I knew plenty growing up and I think the only thing to glean from it is that there are people that, coupled with lack of a solid mentor and education, they have to make hard mistakes before they learn valuable lessons. What are the chances she’ll do that again? But you’re right, why not stop and say, “No.” The value of “no” is highly underrated, but some extreme people in the world would absolve the parents and lack of supervision and blame an industry, instead. It’s rather incredible, really.

    I’m sorry to hear about your friend and really sorry that abortions aren’t legal in Ireland. :(

    And on an unrelated topic, I’ll be sending the cd I made for you, I just wanted to make sure it plays correctly, first. :)

  9. Thanks for the cd! :)

    I hope my friend has learned her lesson. I think you are right. Some of us do learn the hard way sometimes.
    I have told her that contraception is vital and to go get checked if she is worried that she may have picked up something.She is scared, I know, and keeps making excuses that the sexual health clinic opens too early (7.00am) but when it comes to your health it is wise to get everything checked out.
    She is irresponsible, but I hope she has learned her lesson.
    If more education in schools about contraception was available, then I reckon it would drastically cut the number of incidences of STDs. Education is vital.

  10. I don’t know why you bother with these crazy people. they are not going to listen to rational arguments or actual facts. It is like listening to Glen Beck – He’s an idiot who makes shit up as he goes along.

    They don’t respond to fact, proof, or empirical facts.

    Hopefully they will get bored and disappear.

    I do love reading your commentar/blog. Big fan

  11. Glen Beck – He’s an idiot who makes shit up

    ain’t that the truth!!!

  12. Thank you, Pitt Fan. If Glen Beck ever puts me or my friends down, I’ll write about him, too. I wouldn’t have even known as much as I do about this woman if she hadn’t attacked Monica Foster. I’d be writing about the documentary and other things.

    I have to admit, though, there’s something about uncovering facts I find very engaging! My Dad was a cop and I have always enjoyed cop shows and mysteries and how one goes about uncovering the truth about a person or situation. I imagine it’s the kind of indignant feeling people get when they examine Ann Coulter’s writing and find she’s misquoted people, or quoted them out of context or outright lied about something. Somehow people like that, as extreme as they are, invite the other extreme to balance things out, and I do believe someone should be talking about it, even in a calm and polite way, because she appears to be crazy, yet she helps people, maybe even counsels them without the appropriate professional credentials, and may be doing more harm than good. Her organization has grown, she is seeking a political career, even though all she has is a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and Counseling (Christian-related counseling), and wants to legislate the adult industry out of existence. Maybe it’s not possible, but there’s something wrong with her, and I want to know what it is.

    I do understand what you’re saying, but I’m sure Glen Beck has his fair share of opposers pointing out his bullshit. Someone has to.

  13. Sex workers rights: Criminalizing behavior based on religious beliefs is a strange gray area, don’t ya think? Bad people “get what they deserve” and “good” people are kept safe from evil. What if “they” determine what you’re doing is “wrong”??? what then? It didn’t stop abortion… it made it more dangerous but women did it anyway. Legislating morality is a way for “good” people to control “bad” people. You’d do less “savin’” if you created guidelines and laws that made them safe in the first place… but “they” don’t want it to be safe. They want to punish the immoral and push their moral agenda. The trouble with human perfection is that it’s so imperfect.

    Glen Beck is a political televangelist. I don’t think he even believes what he’s sayin. He’s a smart guy in some ways… he’s a liar with an agenda… a puppet.

  14. It’s funny, they can sue Judas Priest and or Ozzy for a song that “made” someone kill themselves, yet I can’t sue Air Supply for “making” me into a pussy in the 12th grade.

    Honestly, though I have heard somewhere that sex workers and soldiers can experience the same amount of PTSD by what they see in their day to day lives, I have even beared witness to a former lover who experienced a physically abusive relationship ( not comparing DV to porn, but to the stress of fast living) who would kick like a dog in her sleep because of what she had gone through before her and I met.

    Porn isn’t what it used to be, before you asked a girl to do a shoot and she would go running the other way, now that it’s more mainstream acceptable these girls are falling over themselves to join.

    Why then is there an AIM to take care of ones physical health, but nothing for ones mental fitness. As a former soldier I can tell you going through what we go through, it’s in the interest of our employers to keep us sane. Sex workers are no different, a lot of times experiencing drug abuse, alcoholism, DV ( like the Military) or even negative body image issues.

    In the past there have been Huge advocates of Mental health and sex work like Nina Hartley, who has been quoted as saying how therapy kept her grounded in the work she’s done. Just food for thought

    love ya Julie….

  15. That’s a very good point, John. I think therapy for extreme types of jobs is important. I’ve just read a few porn star bios where therapy helped them after they quit performing. But, unlike being a soldier, which is attached to extreme organization and all the benefits of working directly for the government, porn is an artistic line of work. A person has to choose therapy. Same with any kind of artistic work: acting, dancing, boxing, etc. Porn being more of a contact performance like boxing, and coming with the stigma that it does, I think therapy is a good idea. As it stands a person, like any other civilian, has to recognize they have a problem and/or issues and seek professional help and be able to pay for it. Maybe this is off-topic? But I know a number of army veterans who get some kind of help for their needs, that they feel is subpar, at best. I wish our country put more focus on education and healthy forms of mental and physical therapy than it does.

    Thank you, John. :)

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