Shelley Lubben – Where is her credibility? What is she qualified to do?


Someone sent me one of Shelley’s latest blog posts, and upon reading it, as usual, so many questions came to mind, but the main question is ‘Is Shelley Lubben qualified to “educate” and “counsel” people?’ Shelley Lubben’s personal website states that she has a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology and Counseling. Now, this can be misleading, because you can obtain a Bachelor’s of Theology Degree with emphasis in Christian Counseling, but as stated by Escondido Bible College,

“The Bachelor of Theology Degree with emphasis in Christian Counseling is offered for the student pursuing ministry as a pastoral counselor in a local church or para-church setting. This program is not intended to lead to licensing in the secular counseling profession.”

The Pink Cross Foundation website states that,

“Shelley received her Bachelor’s of Theology degree at Vision International University in California on December 7, 2009 and is an ordained Chaplain with the Order of Saint Martin.”

When I look up Vision International University in California and go to their FAQ section under, “Can you guarantee that a school I would like to transfer to will accept by [sic] Vision credits/degree?” the answer is,

“All schools have their own policy regarding transfer of credit and the acceptance of degrees for higher-level education…”

… and then goes on to say that you have to contact that school directly and ask them. So, basically, getting a degree at this college does not guarantee that government funded, accredited colleges will recognize your degree and accept you based on your accomplished studies there.

Pink Cross’ website further states that,

“Shelley has attended Pierce College in Tacoma Washington for her general academics, Wisdom For Life Leadership School in Tacoma Washington and Harvestime International Bible College where she received a Christian Workers Certificate in Biblical Studies in 2003. Shelley majors in Theology and minors in counseling and Creative Writing.”

“General academics” is not a degree. It looks like she took some courses, but it doesn’t state that she graduated or majored in anything there. She “attended” Wisdom For Life Leadership School in Tacoma Washington, “received a Christian Workers Certificate in Biblical Studies” at Harvestime International Bible College – which states that they “do not give college credit,” but refers to two that do, and one is Vision International University in California, which we have already discovered, is not an accredited college.

The site does state, again, that she “minors in counseling,” but no degree is cited other than what is attached to her Theology degree, and that does not qualify her to teach anything other than Christian-related studies, or counsel anyone on anything other than Christian-related studies, yet… she doesn’t just give financial support to ex-porn actresses (which looks like less than 2% of Pink Cross Foundation’s annual income in 2008 and less than 15% in 2009 by the tax returns), she states herself that she monitored at least one model’s “medicine cabinet”, in her address to congress June of this year, and she states repeatedly that she reaches out to porn stars, listens to their traumas, talks to them, and states that they are all drug addicts and victims of sexual abuse. Does she pay herself as a counselor, or does she provide professional counseling to the people who come to her? She responsed, “Yes!” to one of my questions in a post on that she does help people even if they don’t accept “God” as their savior, and she states in the same post that she gives, “free gifts,[and] thoroughly researched and up to date education,” to porn stars at the conventions, except that I’ve researched the statistics page on Pink Cross Foundation’s website, and it’s not thorough or even correct or complete in places, and again, she doesn’t have the certification to “educate” or “counsel” beyond Christian-related studies, unless she can produce a degree that states otherwise. Women with substance abuse problems and deep mental and emotional trauma need the kind of professional help that a purely Theology-certified person is not prepared to deal with because the issues are too sensitive. People submit years of their life to studying facts in order to properly and practically help people with their issues. You can’t base your foundation on “facts” and claim to know someone I cannot see or hear. “God” isn’t a fact, and Shelley Lubben does not apear to be qualified to help people beyond handing out financial help, educating about religion, and counseling people about religion. Now, on to the post that was sent to me, which I quote directly from her site and then comment about…

The post begins:

“Submitted by shelleylubben on Thu, 07/08/2010 – 07:15,”

First question: Who wrote this? It reads, “Submitted by shelleylubben,” but then it talks about Shelley Lubben in the third person… Or maybe this was taken from somewhere else and she’s, once again, not crediting the writer? No… it appears to be original. It appears that she submitted the article and talks about herself in the third person. Okay…

The article talks about the condom mandate and how the industry was in for “a rude awakening,” at the Cal/OSHA meeting. I don’t think everyone in the industry is necessarily against a condom mandate, they just don’t want a condom mandate to replace testing. The gay adult industry suffers from “bareback” movies and no testing. With testing in place, STD’s and HIV can be caught and dealt with in an expedient way. A condom mandate will not prevent people from catching STD’s and HIV when they’re not working, and condoms break and also come off during scenes. Also, according to the article, what Deborah Gold said was,

Let me be clear: we’re not creating a new rule, we’re talking about modifying an existing rule.”

So where is the “rude awakening” in that? Unless she knows something I do not know, it just means that everything is still up in the air, but condoms are actually mandatory, and they may modify the law to drop mandatory condom use in certain or all scenarios. Is mandatory condom use really a bad thing? It won’t sell? Well, the mainstream industry does implement stunt men, and some some stunt men get hurt and even die. Is it right? No. Is it their choice as an adult to take the job because they really want to be a stunt person? Yes. Has Shelley proven that child pornography and sex slavery run rampant in the adult filmmaking industry? No. Has she helped people get out that need to get out? I hope so. Is she brainwashing them anew? If you can be brainwashed into getting into the sex industry, you can be brainwashed by and about anything, but the real question is if Shelley Lubben is qualified as an expert and a role model to be helping anyone beyond financial aid and Christian-related education and counseling. We’ve already gone through her very suspect tax returns courtesy of Business Management Services, a.k.a. “King of Taxes”, now we’ll walk through the possible threat she poses to people in need.

So far, based on researching her statistics page on, she quotes Sharon Mitchell from an undated article, doesn’t give specifics about the difference between the people who have HSV-1 (cold sores, fever blisters), HSV-2 (genital herpes), HHV3 (chicken pox), HHV4 (Epstein-Barr virus, “mono”), HHV5 (“mono” and hepatitis), etc… (which according to, roughly 65% of all Americans have the HSV-1 and HSV-2 virus, and says nothing about people who have the other viruses), compared to the 66% of adult performers Sharon quotes as having it), refers back to herself as a resource on other statistics… which is suspect because you have to get your statistics from a renowned source of real scientific examination (unless she is now ordaining herself a scientific researcher and, if so, she can produce a certificate for that, too), links to a page that misinforms a well-known writer as someone from the adult industry with HIV and then further links to pages that are just news articles about the booming sex industry with no information about the actual harms of porn.

Shelley Lubben, in her address to congress in June of this year, accuses doctors and pornographers of being drug traffickers. She doesn’t specify who, it’s just an accusation that she knows they exist, which is heresy if she doesn’t disclose who they are. She also talks about going through a particular ex-performers medicine cabinet checking for prescription drugs. Interesting… because I have not seen a medical degree produced to show that she is qualified to moderate another person’s drug intake. In the following article she plagiarizes from AVN without an editorial credit about Ami Jordan’s death:

“Type 9 Models owner Kevin Kline, the agent who represented Ami throughout her time in the industry, says in AVN interview: “She had a problem with pills, and she asked me to help monitor that usage of pills and what she was taking.”

And then she comments,

“Agents and pornographers acting as doctors? Isn’t that illegal?”

But wouldn’t that statement also apply to her? And the agent didn’t say he actually moderated Ami Jordan’s prescription drug usage, but Shelley does admit to doing it for a model, even though she does not offer up documents proving that she is a doctor and qualified to oversee and moderate someone else’s drug intake! Nothing seems to match up in this woman’s information. Nothing points to her as qualified to do anything but educate and counsel about Christianity. She claims she contracted herpes from the adult film industry, yet in her five part series she admits to being a prostitute and having unprotected sex with clients during and before she was an adult actress. But then in her story on her website, she states that,

“God also healed me of the non-curable disease Herpes (HSV 1-2). I was part of a special military study for pregnant women with herpes at Madigan Army Medical Center in 1996 and when I was tested they said I couldn’t be in the study because there was no Herpes virus in my blood. Even though I had become infected with Genital Herpes in the porn industry in 1994, the test came back negative! I also am cancer free as the doctors were able to remove all the cervical cancer.”

If it’s non-curable, how can you be cured? Is that a scientific statement? Can she produce documents to prove that she did, in fact, have herpes, and documents to prove that she now, in fact, doe not have herpes? If she can produce a medical degree stating psychiatrist credentials that proves that she is qualified to oversee and moderate someone else’s prescription drug use, or even just a degree citing psychologist or lesser counselor credentials to prove she is qualified to counsel in the secular counseling profession, I might reconsider all of my reporting on Shelley Lubben and Pink Cross Foundation as an uncredited and unqualified resource for help within the adult community.

And, again, of her ability to educate.

She states two years worth of experience in the adult movie making industry. In the blog post sent to me she posts a very cute picture of Nina Hartley, obviously engaged in an animated conversation with someone, completely unaware that someone is taking her picture, or a series of pictures (it’s meant to make Nina look silly, quite frankly), and next to the picture states,

“Veteran adult film actress Nina Hartley who admitted she caught Gonorrhea 4 times during her career stated, “I don’t feel any safer with condoms.””

A two-year “porn star” versus a thirty-plus-year “veteran” who caught gonorrhea roughly… once every 7.5 years? I will take the word of the lucid and educated veteran over that of an early ’90s, two-year “porn star” who admits to contributing to the American herpes epidemic, infecting a couple with herpes and not caring, then being cured by “God”, being a drug addict and an alcoholic, and even now,

“under strict medical care because of an ulcer and other physical illnesses due to the stress,”

and not once taking responsibility for her actions and instead blaming it on “the devil”. Nina is a veteran and a published author and actually looks like a healthy, professional businesswoman and not a call girl with cotton mouth when she shows up to speak and present herself. And that is my opinion of what Shelley Lubben looks like in her June 2010 address to congress. Somebody give the woman some water! And then, in the article, Shelley posts a picture of herself that is Photoshopped and she looks Satanic.

She states that,

“Pink Cross executive director and former porn actress, Shelley Lubben, proposed forming an alliance between Cal/OSHA and Pink Cross Foundation in order to educate performers on STDs and other health related issues, as well as the rights of performers – both of which the foundation already does – and to assist in enforcing OSHA’s already existing laws concerning safety in the workplace.”

If, as a non-profit organization, you are not allowed to spend more than 20% of your time and money lobbying, how can you “join forces” with a federal agency and help them “enforce already existing laws” unless you are spending more than 20% of your time and money lobbying? Cal/OSHA is not a non-profit organization. Their job is clearly set out for them. And how can a woman with no degrees beyond Christian-related studies “educate” anyone when her existing “facts” are not facts?

And how can someone under “strict medical care”, care for someone else? How can someone who claims that all sex workers are “slaves of Satan,” embody the balanced and measured intelligence and sensitivity to talk to anyone about anything other than religion? She also links to her video about dead porn stars and how porn killed them, but these people can’t, in fact, speak for themselves and tell us how many killed themselves because people who push religion and shame and judgment made them feel so bad about themselves that they couldn’t go on living. I don’t see the mental stability in using dead people who can’t defend themselves as a resource for “facts”. Let’s face actual facts here, without the right credentials, Shelley Lubben is not qualified to do much of anything beyond handing over money to actual victims so they can pay their bills, look for new work and seek professional help for their addictions and traumas, and at this point, even that is debatable. A theology degree from an unaccredited college does not give one the right to educate on sex matters. A Bachelor’s in Theology and Counseling is not a free pass to educate people on sex and/or emotional and mental disorders. Where are the credentials? It looks like Shelley Lubben has NO CREDIBILITY. And the only defense being offered me is by racist plagiarists who troll this site and my YouTube Channel merely looking for attention, who can’t answer any of our questions logically. Apparently, no one can.

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Author: Julie Meadows

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  1. Meanwhile, getting back to the original post…I’m seriously ROTFLMAO’ing over this snippet from Shelley:

    “Veteran adult film actress Nina Hartley who admitted she caught Gonorrhea 4 times during her career stated, “I don’t feel any safer with condoms.””

    First off, Shelley: ever heard of single quotes??

    Secondly….you do know that Nina Hartley is a certified REGISTERED NURSE, with a Bachelor of Science degree from San Francisco State University, right?? Which, makes her credentials regarding treating STD mountans above yours??

    Third….not to get into a “tale of the tape” here, but, come on, Shelley…do you really, really want to compare your righteous seven month career in porn making 20 videos to that of Nina Hartley, whom has been credited with more than 600 titles (not even including complations during her 26 YEARS of involvement in porn, and who has wrttten books and videos galore about female sexual self-autonomy and safe sex techniques??

    But, please, Shelley…go ahead and dig yourself an even deeper hole than you already have.


  2. Good point! Nina is educated, and not through an unaccredited Bible school. Damn, I knew that, too. Good call, Anthony!

  3. There is some info here I did not know, and you do have some good points. I would like to say, that I am a Christian and I believe in God.
    And seriously, can you not see the destruction porn does to people? Not only to those involved, but those who watch it, and those who are hurt by those who watch it. Porn is nasty.

    Sure maybe she is not highly educated, but she is doing a good thing, helping those involved one way or another come to Christ and out of the porn industry. And helping those who watch it.
    Have you seen her videos of other porn stars who have left the porn industry and came to Christ? And might I add these porn stars are alive.

    God can do anything, even rise up an uneducated woman. Now to make it clear, I am not saying just because she believes in God means she can do things she is not qualified to do. She shouldn’t.

    But if I may ask… how do I know that all the information I see in your Blog is legitimate?

    I’ll research for myself. But may I ask for your links? Which I assume you have. (referring to your quotes and that her statistics are not correct).

  4. Porn is nasty… that’s why guys like it. They want u to do everything they see… that’s the game. You say no and they push for more. get it? Men have always looked at women… men need to see women as human beings and not as objects of pleasure. It the guys not the models that need saving.

    Christian and God can mean different things to different people.

    Is she doing a good thing? Here’s a joke for u: “A drug dealer and a prostitute go into a tradeshow… ”

    Research all u want… u won’t find what you’re looking for ’cause u can’t see it. Lydia sees what u r blind 2.

  5. “And seriously, can you not see the destruction porn does to people? Not only to those involved, but those who watch it, and those who are hurt by those who watch it. Porn is nasty.”

    Of course I can, but is it right to shut down the automobile industry because Toyota was negligent? I think parents should be talking to their children about what being human is about. They are going to have sex, but if they are informed they may be less likely to learn from it through porn. It’s an industry full of adults. Should we outlaw porn because parents are negligent with their children? No. Should there be a standard set for people who enter the industry? Yes. I was never raped or molested and my time in adult was pleasant.

    “Sure maybe she is not highly educated, but she is doing a good thing, helping those involved one way or another come to Christ and out of the porn industry. And helping those who watch it.
    Have you seen her videos of other porn stars who have left the porn industry and came to Christ? And might I add these porn stars are alive.”

    You seem like a nice person, but you do need to research everything. Everything. What she is doing is exploiting people further. It’s a wonderful idea to help people, Ally. It’s not the idea that is the problem, it’s the application. She states that women are helpless and can’t change the world. She doesn’t offer professional counseling to these people. I’m not saying that she doesn’t help some of them, but if porn is going to change or stop being so abusive, people need to get involved by seeing these men and women as human beings. She parades them around like sacrifices. Crying on video about being raped and molested is not professional help. Believe in whatever you want, but telling the world that women are second-rate citizens and then requiring people who want help to sign waivers that they won’t spend the money they’ve made in adult, that they have to have a job before they get help, that they have to submit a photocopy of their SS card, etc… shows the very deep cracks in the system that has made Shelley Lubben rich. Look at the financial records video. All of everything I say can be proven, but I won’t link to her product. Go to her website, her YouTube page–it’s all there. Click “Fanatics” on the upper left side of my blog and you can read everything I’ve ever written about the organization. I’ve done nothing but extensive research, and as a woman who is also alive and was in the adult industry, she does not speak for me. She and her people started their campaign by sending bullying and demeaning letters to famous porn stars because they needed someone popular to springboard their donations efforts. They repeatedly tell the people that come to them for help that they can’t afford to pay a model’s rent because the funds aren’t there, though it shows that she makes over six figures a year. Where is the money going? Why does she lobby so much? Separation of Church and State is a real battle in this country. They don’t mix and her ultimate goal isn’t to help porn stars, it’s to help herself.

    I’m just one person with a modest blog, to say the least, considering that I was a porn star, myself, but even just one person can make a difference and say something when they see injustices. She is belittling and condescending, she contradicts herself constantly, and I have nothing against being uneducated, but I have no respect for someone who refuses to educate themselves when they are posing as an authority on other people’s possible mental and physical illnesses. Just because you believe in God doesn’t mean that you are God, and she plays God with people’s lives with no effort to really do the right thing.

    Again, you seem nice, so I’m happy to reply, but if you want proof of everything in her text and the things she says, email me and I’ll send you the links. I won’t post her links here. For links that prove she is wrong, I always post links. There are links in this blog, and if you click on them, it will take you to the information I found. What you won’t find are valid links referencing information on her websites. She plagiarizes information and she doesn’t provide proof for the things she says. All you have to do is look at it. I know many kind and intelligent Christians who are appalled by her “work”. She’s a sensationalist and a propagandist. I am not campaigning to be a politician, I’m only pointing out the obvious flaws in her statements and actions. It’s the least I can do as a woman who is capable of making change in the world, and isn’t a useless member of society.

  6. “can you not see the destruction porn does to people?…those involved …those who watch it, and those who are hurt by those who watch it?” Of course I can… parents should be talking to their children about what being human is about. Did you hear what she said???? Have you seen Shelley’s site, Ally??? She’s fishing with a porn lure… she’s making Christian porn. That’s truly sick n twisted.

    People love to blame everyone BUT themselves. If your kid or husband uses porn, it’s because they lack understanding of women and relationships NOT because there’s porn on the internet. If you got rid of porn, they would switch to Good Housekeeping and Glamour Magazine… and probably develop some weird fetish for hairstyles, spring fashions and cleaning tips. U don’t hate porn… u hate men who want to see women as objects. Good luck with that :)

  7. I had an especially bad experience with Shelley Lubben. In good faith I asked if I could help out one of her young women. She gave me an E-mail of a woman who lived in the same state. After contacting this woman she pushed and pushed me for a personal meeting. I asked Shelley if I could help someone out with school and to help get her life back together. Without proper screening she gave me J.C. From day one this women did nothing but try to seduce me. In good faith I still tried to help her out with counseling, money for bills and etc. After the seducing became too much I cut off all support and left. Never did I get a thank you or anything. She was a mother of one. A former prostitute and “Porn Star” after making only a few movies. She claims to love addicted men in an interview, but told me she hated men and wanted nothing to do with them. This same woman is now a member of pink cross. She left her child and wants nothing to do with him now. God help us all.

  8. Pete, thank you for sharing that. I don’t know if you caught the exposé Michael Whiteacre and I are working on, but here’s a link:

    So many people have divulged bizarre goings on and I’m not surprised at all. I’m all for helping people, but the evidence of corruption and deceiving is to obvious to ignore. I’m heartbroken that she doesn’t want her own son. Why? I don’t understand that.

  9. I left the porn industry to pursue a career in psychology, and let me tell you I’ve been studying this stuff for years. In order to help these women (anyone experiencing serious issues) you need a real degree from a REAL university. And while religious traditions should be respected, there is a line to draw when it is used as a basis for helping others. It is never okay to place it as a “condition” on those whom you help, that they must embrace (or should) your personal beliefs. It should never be used as a judgement tool. This is where these movements fail and offend instead of actually do what they are supposed to do: help.

    I like to think that Shelley Lubben means well by what she does. I don’t think she wants to be deceptive or do others harm. I just think that she needs to go to a real school and learn the most effective ways to help people. And she’d be really surprised to learn that religion has a very small role in that.

  10. Thank you for sharing, Sky, and congratulations on pursuing your doctorate. I read this today (SFW):

    I agree with this person. There are ways to study the industry and help people, but because Shelley Lubben (and countless others over the years), engage in very wild attacks with claims they can’t back at all, it actually serves to prevent people from getting help. When I’m attacked it doesn’t encourage me to confess anything. When I’m attacked, just from my own experience, my immediate reaction is to become defensive. There are people who get run out of the adult industry when they prove and threat, but some companies have made a niche with abusive content and I hear of no one investigating these people. It could be that all of the adults involved are consenting to everything done within the context of the scene, but how do we know when no one feels safe coming forward? Some people would probably like to speak out and question some company practices, but the moment they say against against one company, their words are used in the assault created and perpetrated by people who don’t act Christ-like, and don’t want to help fix aspects of the industry, only shut it down entirely, which probably will never happen. It seems counter productive to what they claim to be championing. I think a real compassionate person would reach out to people without insulting those who don’t feel they are being victimized and actually enjoy what they’re doing.

  11. I came across The Pink Cross awhile ago in 2008.Its been long over due that i tried to search for another side to the organization.Since 2008 ive changed alot as a person and realized im not the religious type.I got kinda sucked into it all not doing my own research and everything,not questioning anything.As in other programs its easy to get caught up in theyre viewpoints and beliefs almost as if brainwashed, “We our powerless over drugs”,” the disease…” Ive never been a stricty anti-porn person either.Something in me doesnt settle well with a perverted fantasy world through films and internet mainly low grade unprofessional internet porn.I think masturbation is hard to abstian from for extended periods of time and it could actually be unhealthy.Habitual masturbation as well can be unhealthy.The point im trying to make is by frequenting there alot of people second guess looking at porn because of the guilt felt from personal testimonies of one off porn actresses.This has never been the case with me. I can say from the Pink Cross I generated a new sense of how to not view women as sexual objects as depicted in porn.I hope this is not debatable for, I see no other way of describing it.Eyeing a womens assets as in a half life image in your mind of all the porn viewed.Sounds sick I know and maybe Im a little sick in the head I am, until I was aware of how sex obsessed our culture is I didnt notice it.The more I abstain from masturbation the more i have frequent filthy perverted thoughts, thoughts influenced by porn.When i release the built up tension with those same thoughts they fade a little.Im not saying I have the worst masturbation problem or a look at porn every second of the day I can, or everyday, or regularly at all anymore but, the addictive part is there.I cannot except any part of me that involves having sex with myself and turning on a computer or watching a DVD just to take the edge off.Now if I was having sex on a regular basis that would be different.Healthy good sex is what I need, I dont need to have to be a groom to have loving sex.I do think too much exposure or a history of viewing porn in attempt to not feel that void is simply weak.Not my idea of a man.

  12. Speaking of that im going through the process of what that means.I used to believe a man was some one with a member worthy of producing porn.I have know doubt in my mind they way i used to be, if my member met the standards of the industry id be right up in line just as any other guy up there.Not to say im ashamed, or dont have any pride or confidence I do.Ms.Jameson put it best,”If its too small or too big, its not gonna work.”haha. I feel alot of guys who are so against porn are simply jealous of the fact, that they dont possess what the male actors do and arent having sex with so many sexy women. Im not saying Im o.k. with that, or I want that anymore. sure I believe some women really do enjoy the sex in the industry and better yet, getting paid for it. I also believe for the most part it can get old sometimes.Reason im babbling so much as if this were my blog is im coming to terms with myself over all this. Porn is not for me thats it. I dont have to make such a big deal about it. I dont have to frequent the Pink Cross about it. I dont half to care about 99% of the people that go there and still watch porn, begging for forgiveness and prayer to help them stop. I dont P(r)ay. For some reason there has been almost zero activity on the male addiction forum section.Maybe my weird brutally honest post there have pointed some shit out people dont want to look at. Im not saying I think im that important but no responses on multiple extremely free streaming conscious post??? I could care less.I want to thank you Ms.Meadows for showing me some facts, although I dont find everything has to be factual but experienced.I have no experience in the porn industry therefore i cant base my knowledge of it solely by testimonies from the Pink Cross.Not to discredit them or anything.You make really cool/good points in this post. If there is a force out there they call SATAN he surely plays a hand in lust and instant sexual gratification in the act of meaningless sex. Im the kind of person who encourages demonic possession.Although hopefully its willful and leads to being demonically influenced in a positive way.Unlike worshipping external gODDS and bowing down to them.Shelley Lubben is seriously Angelically possessed and to me is far more scary.I still look up to here in alot of ways.I think its hard to argue with the view point of her saying all the time, “You were made for better things than porn.” Im not saying I look down on ALL porn stars just some of the lesser un talented ones, the ones who dont amount to anything in or out of porn.The ones who try to imitate successful ones.

  13. I think the weirdest most awkward part of it all is i have this anti-hero in the industry.Not just Ms.Jameson or my new one YOU.But the one they call Grey. I cant explain it really as embarrassing as this is already, but part of it I think was not wanting to steal from her and download clips or low quality stuff from other sites. I never bought any of her productions.Then a friend had this penthouse maybe???i cant remember. this magazine of her before she was famous.Along with her nude photos was an interview.That interview of hers was really inspirational to me and had and continues to have impact on my life.i cant express that on the Pink Cross.Most guys on there wouldnt understand either. I dont think I could take watching her films very well. Not in a jealous way as in some kind of involvement, but in the way the she is so talented. I think she could be successful in whatever she sets her mind too.Enough of that my point is, is if she has that affect on my mind, porn just isnt for me. I dont have to fight this “addiction” anymore i dont half to drive myself mad with spanking the monkey or not. I just have to not think about it so much and accept sexuality and my instinctive male urges.Not get so caught up in the Pink Cross “mission”.Ive never been to a strip club and I wont without an invitation for a birthday or something and i defiantly wont be throwing money at them on stage. I really admire some sex workers in the sense that they’ve gone through some messed up stuff and could be really counseling and insightful. Id like to have a conversation with one some day. Might be more than I could handle to keep it at that.Alright.Thank you so much and I apologize for blowing up your blog with comments.My intent was not to draw attention to myself but maybe get a broader viewpoint with someones beliefs different from Shelley Lubben thank you

  14. Hi Julie,
    I wanted to add to this conversation and say it’s unbelievable the depths one is willing to go to to make a buck and that is all that Shelley is doing.
    Fact – if you run non-profit business, which works on charity 80% of your money has to go to charity, bar none.
    She is a for profit business, simple as that but she may be hiding it behind “religion” so as to get away with the money thing.
    How do I know this? I am looking to start a non-profit for charity business (and i’m not here to self promote why) and it’s very specific on the why’s and how’s of doing business.
    She’s nothing more than a anti-porn christian predator. She uses people and puts words in their mouths to justify her crusade.
    If you listen to her audio on youtube, you’ll hear the “stars” she’s interviewing say the same exact stuff that’s written on her site and they repeat it every couple of minutes, like they’re reading from a script (which is what they’re doing) and it’s sick.
    I like your site, but I have to say one thing and please take this as constructive criticism, it’s well written but you’re murdering your credibility with bad spelling.
    Thanks for reading

  15. I wonder if the person posting this looks at porn or does porn. Why else would someone try to stir questions about Shelly Lubben’s credibility. She’s seen that industry first hand, no doubt she knows what she’s talking about.

  16. So by your logic, because I have firsthand knowledge of the adult industry, I know what I’m talking about. Yes, you are right about that, but not the other.

    I am amused by the irony of your comment name and the ridiculousness of your statement, and that you have “insane” and “mayhem” in your email address. Thank you for making me laugh.

  17. On top of what Lydia has said I will add that it is rather precarious for someone who doesn’t seem to have fully resolved their own issues to help with those of someone else.

    Here’s my thoughts on Shelley Lubben in terms of credibility. I have seen/heard video/audio clips of Shelley speaking. By her own words she started being promiscuous because of the attention she got from it. That lead to prostitution and eventually porn; since it is legal. I believe her when she says that it was because of the STDs she contracted that caused her to quit the adult industry. However, my impression is that she still has those same issues and is using her stance against the adult industry as her means to get the attention she wants. Why? Because it seems a better place for her would be to visit the organizations that provide STD screenings rather than go to an adult entertainment convention, where you could receive compliments about the adult movies you were in. Any attempt to persuade people at such conventions seems rather futile to me. I think the time and money could be better used by continued efforts to help those that organization claims they’re presently helping.

    @Truth: I have a bachelor of science degree. If I noticed you were ill. Would you like me to treat you? If I had claimed that I was treating people, wouldn’t that be some cause for concern? Does the fact my major was art have any impact? If it does then why does a bachelor’s degree in theology make a difference? I’ve also had some bad life experiences, nothing related to the adult industry, but surely that means I can help people too. Right? Wrong.

  18. I’m really glad that I found this blog post and read it and all the informative comments that follow. Thank you. I’m anti-porn and know that someone like Shelley Lubben can’t speak for me or anyone else. She lost her credibility by using religion to help others, and can’t be taken seriously.

  19. [Found and reposted by admin]

    Julie, youre a jackass. First off, i dont care whether Shelly’s not educated. I dont give a shit whether she even to school, all i know is that woman helped me. I used to be addicted to porn. I used to enjoy watching women get filled with sperm. But after, i would feel empty and shallow. Then, i go in the industry. I hated it. EVERY single porn star hates being touched by hideous rough men. Nearly every one of us took drugs and drank alcohol heavily. You know how iteels, it feels terrible. Then, i met Shelly nd i got out. Why dont you just give a good – hearted woman a break, you ignorant bitch? Dont stop what God’s servants are trying to do. You probably wont feel his wrath here but when you die, you wished you helped a good person and turned to God . So why dont you just pack your bags and piss off

  20. Jane, thank you so much for writing that. That is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time and I so needed to laugh! Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!! :D

  21. Wait… is this Jenni Case? From “Pete’s” comment above?

    “I asked Shelley if I could help someone out with school and to help get her life back together. Without proper screening she gave me J.C. From day one this women did nothing but try to seduce me. In good faith I still tried to help her out with counseling, money for bills and etc. After the seducing became too much I cut off all support and left. Never did I get a thank you or anything. She was a mother of one. A former prostitute and “Porn Star” after making only a few movies. She claims to love addicted men in an interview, but told me she hated men and wanted nothing to do with them. This same woman is now a member of pink cross. She left her child and wants nothing to do with him now. God help us all.”

  22. I’m an ex-stripper of 9 years out of my own choice. I received the Lord Jesus Christ as my personal saviour 7 years ago and began my ministry with the Church to reach out to strippers & prostitutes to give the real gospel, to talk & to help them out of the industry in whatever way is possible for me to help.
    Shelley Lubben, like a number of the same sort of ministries I’ve checked on the net, are fakes: I don’t see a salvation testimony, I don’t see anything telling people how they can have eternal salvation being freed from condemnation in hell. I see nothing about sin, how people are responsible for their actions, etc. It really discusts me to see lukewarm “Christians” like this! No wonder that so many people don’t believe in Jesus Christ!

  23. Very interesting. I found the link to Shelley’s website, and could tell there was a bit of a disconnect. Searched google for another viewpoint and your site came up. Your article proved very informative. Ty.

  24. @Carly – I also don’t see a clear presentation of the gospel on her personal web site. I only see numerous pictures of her and sales pitches for her book. Do you face the same frequency of defections from the people that you’ve helped out of the sex industry? The other thing is that it seems that very few of the people she has touted as being helped by her organization actually receive Christ. Several of them have even returned to porn.

  25. Shelly Lubben is full of shit. Not only that but she’s racist. She mocks and makes fun of Asian people and tells people to abort biracial babies. I would hate to be her daughter. In fact I will go as far as to say her daughters are the victim here. Racism aside, who wants to grow up knowing they are a “trick baby” and have that exposed in public. Shelly Lubben needs to remember she is a mother first.

  26. Hello!
    My mother tongue is not English. So please be gracious, when I make grammar and writing mistakes.
    I read your article and basically what you worte down is very compehensible, from a scientific standpoint.
    Unfortunately some comments on this site are very emotional. This helps nobody.
    If you analsyses Mrs. Lubben only with facts and the current laws you, Juli, are not totally wrong, like someone her think. But this does not mean, that I agree with you.
    The thing is, there are many on the paper and before the state, qualifed persons who are allowed to deal with people which have all the problems which you mentioned, but only a few of them can really give help. Theory and practice are two diffrent things, especiallay when you try to help people, who where sexual abused etc. etc.. That does not genereally mean, that you must have the same expierience, that you can help someone. This would be another extrem.
    But it is logically, that people who know the problems from the other person from there own experience are basically better fitted to help, than people who never expierenced the same.
    I also have a real, also from the state credibilited education in the area of psychology and I know how the practice is.
    So I personnaly have not a big problem, when Mrs. Lubben helps porn-stars, when they have problems, because from the logic, she is surely better fitted to do it, than many psychologists, who have not a clou about this business and never experienced the things, that Mrs. Lubben experienced.
    As long as the people, who get help from her, do not proclaim against her and as long as we have NO FACTS, that her help is a real danger for the porn-stars, we should not throw stone in the way of Mrs. Lubben but better support her with professional knowledge in some areas, if we think she need it.
    This helps the people in the porn industry more as we try to stop the very few people who help them and maybe are only able to help them, because persons like Mrs. Lubben are authentic for the present pornstars, because they know her.
    That’ s my opinion. You can correct my view, if you have reasonable, on facts based arguments, and bad examples of her work, which shows clearly why we should stop the work of Mrs. Lubben.
    And even she is a christian and also christian motivated, we should be tolerant, even if we think, god is a fairytale. There arechrstians who makes a good work in the world and there are atheists who makes a good work in our world. We should not fight against each other. We should help each other, if we really want the best for our next.

  27. Shelley Lubben does make some good points, although she makes it sound like in every movie the movie, mostly, are being slapped, hit, or spit on, whatever. She also makes it sound like every woman just don’t enjoy the sex at all. That is just crap. Yes, I agree that there are some women who get into the business for whatever reasons and don’t feel good about it morally. But then again again she makes it like all the women in the business are like that. I’m not even going to discuss the STDs because that will get some arguments started. Being a Christian like Shelley, I don’t feel it’s moral, although I have some addictions with it I’m trying to overcome. If Shelley wants to help the women get out of porn fine. But don’t exaggerate things, lie about your personal life, or force changes on our federal government to do it. Why are too many anti-something groups like this? There needs to be moderation in all things.

  28. Sorry, Julie, I meant the girls are being slapped, hit, or spit on.

  29. I read a quote recently and it struck me that the running theme among ex-performers-turned-religious-anti-porn-activists is this: porn is not glamorous/porn won’t make you a mainstream success. It didn’t really register before, but now I can see that is the motivator. These people actually thought they could ‘back door’ into a mainstream career through porn. I never thought porn would make me a crossover star–though it has worked out for a few people–but then again I am a realist. For this reason religion doesn’t appeal to me as a practical solution to real problems.

    Keep in mind that if mainstream success is the motivator, religion isn’t the issue at all. They used porn to get mainstream success, and failing that are now using anti-porn activism to get, wait for it… mainstream success. Mainstream success is the goal, period. Using porn and now religion, it’s clear that sincerity is just an act.

  30. The video you and Doug made regarding Pink Cross Foundation’s nefarious tax returns doesn’t allow comments, thus I’m making them here instead. lol.

    Here’s some info to assist you in getting Pink Cross’ non profit status revoked (with regard to the figures I saw written on their 2012 tax return)

    Non profit organizations can have their non profit status revoked by the IRS if they are found to fail the “operational test” as shown below (it’s an objective test which Pink Cross fails).

    Pink Cross fails all 3 of the 3 prongs of this test (though only 2 prongs need to be failed).

    You can use IRS Form 13909 to report this violation, it can be faxed, mailed or emailed.

    =============== IRS “OPERATIONAL TEST” for Non Profits:

    #1) Are the organization’s activities PRIMARILY directed at an exempt purpose? (percentage of total expenditures which are devoted to exempt activities is one way to determine this)

    #2) Are exempt program EXPENDITURES “substantial” when COMPARED to the OVERALL expenditures of the organization?

    #3) Are the organization’s EXPENDITURES directed toward a purpose that BENEFITS the PUBLIC in a SIGNIFICANT way and not to further the interests of PRIVATE interests.


    Pink Cross fails #1 since IRS regulations mention that observing ‘expenditures’ is one way to determine if the organization’s activities are PRIMARILY directed at an exempt purpose (“primarily” being the key word).

    Pink Cross fails #2 because the expenditures made for mission statement objectives (exempt programs) is not “substantial” relative to their overall expenditures/overhead.

    Pink Cross fails #3 because the MAJORITY of expenditures are not directed to helping the public in a SIGNIFICANT way. Only a TINY (insubstantial) portion of expenditures are directed to helping the public. (this is true even if “outreach/fundraising” expenses are also included).

    Here’s a link to a revocation letter sent by the IRS to another non profit revoking it’s status, including the reasons.

    If you read page #9 starting at the 2nd to last paragraph from the bottom of page (all the way to the middle of page #10) you’ll be able to see the reasoning used when applying this 3 pronged “operational test” to revoke that firm’s non profit status.

    In fact, when reading the above letter (page #10) you’ll see that because the directors’ salaries comprised 37% of total expenditures while ‘exempt programs’ comprised only 13% of total expenditures……the IRS ruled that the organization existed primarily to benefit the private interests of the directors and revoked their non profit status accordingly.

    Food for thought. lol.

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