July 27, 2010
by Julie Meadows

Shellie R. Warren at the XXXChurch Website “Reviews” Mr. Marcus’ Guide To Sex?

I’m fascinated by a post on the XXXChurch site by Shellie R. Warren entitled, Porn AIN’T Great Sex. In this post she is reviewing a book a male performer wrote about “great sex”, and she won’t tell which male porn … Continue reading

July 26, 2010
by Julie Meadows

Jill Brenneman Talks About Sex Work vs. “Straight Jobs”

I got a pingback from a website on one of the first Pink Cross Foundation posts about their financial records, and what I found and read is incredible. I don’t know any other way to pay tribute to some of … Continue reading

July 23, 2010
by Julie Meadows

What’s What at XXXChurch and “Heart Support”?

At XXXChurch, the front page of their site reads Sex Addiction Images, with an information picture that redirects to “Heart Support.” Now, as you can see, it states the information on it as “facts.” And honestly, if something is absolutely … Continue reading

A New Post, A New Troll and More Betty Bowers (because she’s awesome!!!)

July 22, 2010 by Julie Meadows | 6 Comments

I posted a new article on Mike’s site yesterday and I really like it. I’m going to add it as a new page to my “Anti-Sex Worker Info” page next week. It’s called, The Impossible Debate: Anti-Porn vs. Pro-Porn, and it’s my take on the XXXChurch debate with Ron Jeremy. It’s already posted under “Videos” of the “Anti-Sex Worker Info” page. I just don’t understand all of Craig Gross’ points, and he seems really weird to me. I’ll actually go into more detail when I post it here because it was getting too long yesterday. And this has nothing to do with the debate, but what is with his helmet hair? In everything he does he’s got that messy, super gelled, super lifted hair. Is it supposed to detract from how long his face is? A hairstylist once told me that the trick to making my round face look thinner is a lot of lift at the crown. His hair, so big like that all over, just enhances his long face. Maybe he’s going for that “I’m hip and goth,” look? Maybe he has a bad hairstylist? Maybe there is a new school of thought out there for Christians that Shelley and Craig subscribe to that teaches the speakers to go for really over-the-top appearances to attract more people… It could happen.

Apparently, there is another troll on the pro-Shelley Lubben front. Anthony at SmackDog Chronicles received a comment from someone calling themselves “Allanlize” or “Allainize”. I’m still waiting for my email from http://intensedebate.com so I can see his response to this person, though he sent it to me in an email. If he gives me the green light, I’ll just repost it here, but the thing is, I got a comment from this person, too, sometime this morning, and I cannot for the life of me understand what this person is saying. They posted it under Shelley Lubben is Worse Than The Worst Pornographers, and it goes like this:

“Every pornstar that join the Shelly crew mostly had a traumatic disease or some accidents… then they regret…
so i hope you all pornstar dont have to wait untill a bad things happen to you…
just think what shelly means… dont you give somebody a chance to be good… she explained exact thing with more data.and you just explained all by ur emotion and liberality…what a poor response”

What??? If anyone can tell me what the f*ck this person is talking about, I would greatly appreciate it. :D “Liberality?” (lol) Shelley explaining anything with “exact data.” Yeah, exactly wrong. What a nut. She can’t even get anyone intelligent to speak for her. Great.

And because Betty is BRILLIANT, and Sarah Palin is NOT… more Betty. Yay!!!

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Betty Bowers Talks About Biblical Marriages

July 21, 2010 by Julie Meadows | 3 Comments

I love Betty Bowers because she lays out all the sordid Biblical “facts” in the plainest and most entertaining way. Take it away Betty!

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